So, I'm over at Treschic and she pointed her readers to the IK Fall preview. My IK subscription expired this winter and instead of renewing I decided to adopt a wait-and-see approach to each issue. I found that I wasn't making very many things out of the magazine. [And, I seemed to be the last subscriber in the land to receive her copy. Heck, those things were on the newsstand before they were in my mailbox.]

Putting aside the fact that summer seems to have started only a couple of days ago (and if you're in New England you know exactly what I mean) I don't want to think about fall knitting already.

Still it's hard to stop thinking about it with some of the great projects that IK has in its Staff Projects section. The best part: one doesn't need to be a subscriber in order to take advantage of those designs. I'm quite taken by the Halter Bag, and the haircut of the woman modeling Bianca's Jacket, Wanderlust Hoodie, and Coral Crossing. Whadda think? I'm not sure if I'm responding to her haircut or her little pixie face.


i considered stopping my subscription too, but the technical articles are almost always good, and for that alone i felt it was worth keeping a library of them for myself. plus i find i change my perspective on things over time.

as for the haircut chick, i think that cut is just perfect for her, plus she's modelling some of the best-fitting sweaters of the whole issue. that poor red-headed girl is gorgeous but what's up with some of the things they dress her in?

I was in Hobby Lobby two days ago and they were selling Christmas tree ornaments?! WTF?

i actually really like a lot of the designs in this fall issue. that supernova pullover is striking! i can't wait to get mine!

Yes, there are many great pieces in that issue. I was always dismayed when upon coming home from the last day of school in late June seeing the "back to school" Sears catalog show up that very same week...something is just wrong with that! And you are right, magazines should NOT be on the stands for the hoi polloi before subscribers get theirs!

That issue includes a version of what I think are the two most wearable patterns in the entire Knitting Nature book... it might well be worth buying to avoid buying the book.

I like all the designs in this upcoming one. And I love the haircut. I'm growing mine back in from chemo related baldness and will keep this style in mind.

We seem to have very similar tastes LOL. That haircut's cute!!!
What is it with them toe socks??? They creep me out and recently they keep popping up everywhere!!! Is it just the picture or does that model have freakishly long big toes?

Cheers Eva

I think IK is the most consistent of the knitting magazines these days, and I've culled my list down to just that and VK. (And VK mostly because I've been subscribing since 1987 and it seems a real shame to quit now!) I don't always make things from the issues, but I think they generally have some really nice designs.

Okay, I think you're taken by her cute pixie face, which is very cute; I don't like the sideburn thing goin' on with her hair. I want to get out my scissors and cut them off!!!!!

not so much on the model you like but the gatsby girl pullover, coral crossing and the retro handbag? Dude. I am in lust.

My very favorite magazine is Knit.1 probably because I am 28 and in there "target audience". That magazine can make me want to cast on 5 things the day I get it.

Thanks for the link! Some nice things in there. I'm an archivist (another word for packrat) so I subscribe. However, I am thinking seriously of dumping "Cast-On". Speaking of dreck.

Those are some nice projects in IK. Can't wait to get mine in the mail.

This looks to be my favorite IK in quite awhile, from the Swallowtail shawl to the Wanderlust hoodie; a lot of the sweaters are proportioned perfectly for short-waisted me, so that made the issue even better. And don't feel bad; I think most magazines are out on newsstands first, in the mail second (weird, I know).

I absolutely can not think about fall yet.

I usually end up buying IK even if I don't want to make anything from it. Because once it's off the stands, there will be a pattern that I will vaguely rememeber and *mut* knit. And the articles are nice too!

That haircut! I am so getting that haircut in a couple of weeks.

I can't tell if it's the hair, or the photo styling, that makes me want to knit all of those sweaters either. Once get the haircut, maybe I'll start a sweater and see if next thing I know, I'm transported to a chic European wine bar and attended to by a hot young barkeep...


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