Double Thick, Double Good

With Alisdair's class firmly under the knitting belt, it was time to branch off. During class, Alisdair briefly mentioned how to double knit in the round. This of course, is my goal in learning the technique. There'll be lots of two-layer reversable hats for the Subway Knitter clan this winter.

So, one morning last week I decided to give it a go.


For this swatch I knit one row of tan and then one row of purple. I tried (really, really, really tried) to knit with both hands--Continental in my left and English in my right--for about five stitches.

Man! How do you English knitters do it with just two hands? Don't you need a wrapping assistant? (Imagine: Wrap! Wrap! Wrap!) Nope, give me my good, efficient Continental picking.

Next question: a nice sport-weight cashmere. Who's making it?


I can't manage the "one yarn in each hand" method, either. I suppose if I graduate to three colours at once, I might have to learn, but I'm quite happy with two-yarn Continental. I actually posted some pictures of how I manage two-colour knitting ( Do you knit in a similar way?

Hah... I feel the same way about continental. It's absolutely impossible for me (although I admit, I've only tried once).

Heehee - I've tried to teach myself to knit continental but it just doesn't feel natural to me. I think I need to find more time to practice.

For the cashmere, check out The yarns are beautiful and Allison could probably order it for you.

I have some heavy fingering weight here:
Some Assembly Required --> Luxury Socks
I'll probably be ordering and dyeing some more in the next couple of weeks and could do some in sport weight.

I have a lot of trouble doing any kind of two-color knitting by holding both colors Continental-style. No matter how I place the yarns at the beginning, after a few stitches the strands twist around each other so much I spend most of my time untangling the mess.

(Those few tame stitches do go lots faster then when I'm holding one Continental and one English, though, I'll give you that.)

I love the idea of double knitting. I've been wanting to give it a try - it's on my list of things to do. I've also wanted to learn to knit Continental. That's what I love about knitting, there's just so much to learn, and I never run out of challenges.

I also have much difficulty getting the"wrap" and tension correct (and comfortable) for Continental. But, I am determined to learn.

I learned Continental from my mom and grandmother, and they never mentioned that there was another way to knit. So, when I took a knitting class to learn how to increase, decrease, cable, etc., the teacher started with English style knitting. I couldn't do it. My left hand kept grabbing the yarn to get it out of the way so I could work the needle. I'll never understand English knitting. Then I read that master Scandinavian knitters can hold 4-5 colors simultaneously for multi-colored knitting. I'm just glad I like cables and stitch patterns. I'm far too clumsy for Fair Isle.

Hey! I saw the subway knitter on the train this morning. I was running to get on so I didn't have a chance to say hi. Someday.....

ah the mystery of double knitting! i'll have to figure that out someday.

what about cashsoft dk? does that count as sport weight? i'm not so good with the yarn weights.

I find English knitting really frustrating. I just can't seem to get it right.

Looks like you've got the double knitting thing down cold.

I have questioned english knitters myself. I LOVE continental knitting. I also would love to learn the double knitting that you are talking about.


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