Saturday afternoon in Salem turned out to be a lot more knitty than I had expected. Besides those, ahem, unusual knitted flowers I discovered a very, very new yarn store.

Okay, actually, I didn't. Matt did. Seriously! As I was settling up at the café, Matt took a little spin around the block. "You'll never believe what's two doors down," he said. Because this was Salem, I was prepared to hear that almost anything was two doors down. "A yarn store!" he said.

Okay, that was a bit of a surprise. We were so close, we had to go and look.

Sure enough, there it was at the beginning of Front Street--Seed Stitch. When we entered, the owner (Victoria) introduced herself warmly to us. As easily as that we three were on a first-name basis. [I must admit that sometimes that much familiarity seems a little forced, but not here. The store and its owner were ooozing friendliness.] The store had been open for three days. Three days! This was a true discovery for Subway Knitter.


Philadelphians, I could not help but compare this store to Loop. It had the same wide-open, well-selected, clean feel as Loop did when I visited in the spring.

North Shore people, you have a gem here. Lucky you! For a Bostonian reference, I would refer to this place as Circles North.


This is a clever twist on the swatch pinned to the yarn cubby. When they're arranged on the table you can compare and contrast, mix and match, and carry around a yarn as you plan a project.

Just about then the sky broke open. There was no way that I was going back outside until the rained stopped. So, I might as well browse. Wouldn't you know that I had been toying with the idea of knitting at least one tank this summer. I know, it's almost August and I had been blogging about skipping summer this year.

As the rain fell and I browsed, my eyes fell upon this colorway:


It's Adrienne Vittadini Nicole. The colorway is "Parchment" That's the name, but what is that color? Is it rose? Gray? Brown? Pink? It's that dusty rose color which, along with my watery blues is one of my favorites.

I can't wait to begin this project. But first my booties. Then I must swatch.


What luck! And what perfectly lovely Parchment.

Serendipity, indeed!

Thank you for finding that store. I've been wanting to go to salem to be a tourist, but thought there were no LYS. Now *I* have a place to haunt while my tourist friends find theirs.

wow, what a find!

Sounds like a great find! And kudos to Matt for encouraging your yarn habit. : )

what a great looking yarn store! i wish there was a place in NYC that had that much space :)

What good luck! I hope you bought a lotto ticket with that type of luck...

I love that colour. What a lovely surprise.

I love Loop! I am there all the time. If this store measures up, then Bostonians have a great store indeed. I really like open and airy, instead of dark and crammed. The booties are too cute!!

That yarn shop looks really nice. :D I love open spaces.

Thanks for the hint! Another reason to go visit Salem.

Must go to the North Shore and check this oout - stat!

This is important information. Thanks!

Taupe. It's taupe.


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