Dear MJ Trimming,

As you might have noticed (being a New Yorker, and all) we have a wee bit of a trash problem in the US. This isn't helping:


It's a big yellow envelope, the kind with the plastic bubble wrap stuck to the inside (so that you can't recycle it).

Do you know what I found inside?

Yup, three teeny buttons.


Oh yeah, I have my cute bees. [And, really, could these be any cuter, or more perfect for this set? Answer: no.] But what gives with the ginormous envelope? I know, I know: it was Friday, the UPS guy was due to arrive at any moment, and this was the first envelope you grabbed.

I understand, I think. Next time, make sure it's recycleable.


Subway Knitter

p.s. And, happy Canada Day to all my Canadian neighbours (using that Commonwealth spelling for y'all).


Those are reaaaaaally cute and just right for your bee ensemble. Isn't it great to find just the right things to set off your work?

I hope they are as cute in person as they are on their site. What's with that envelope? When I went to the store they squeezed almost twenty buttons in a bag smaller than a postcard.

a place i worked used those envelopes often, but ... they were "recycled" and used again. they were too frugal to spend money on envelopes, so they just salvaged what they could from envelopes mailed to them. :) but, i am glad your buttons arrived nicely padded! they're cute!

hehehehehehe....of course its recyclable. You mail something out in it! over and over.

My in-laws live in rural ireland and they reuse EVERYTHING--ziploc bags, bathwater, sometimes even plastic wrap. They have no trash pickup so its easier to reuse and store than burn it. They ride their bikes to work because the like it. I'd say their cabon footprint is very small.

So anyway--we recycle the mailers to send back and forth. The bubble ones last a long long time. I think we are still using the same two.

Of course, once its worn out, it can't be recycled. So you have a great point there.

And I have to admit; bathwater is sometimes hard to recycle.

Love the bees!

I also always re-use our bubble-pack envelopes. for some reason my flat mate and I send them out as much as we get them.

What I hate is when people put so much tape or writing on them you can't reuse them. pah.

They are great buttons though. I've been talking with another knitter about an idea for stripy illusion knit bee socks and I remembered your sweater

I know what you mean about overpackaging. I received a replacement lip gloss from Burt's Bees and it came in that same ginormous type of package from Fed-EX. Burt's Bees of all people. You think they would try to be environmentally sensitive.

CUTE buttons ...almost worth the extra packaging, don't you think?

geez, what a giant envelope for no real reason whatsoever. when will people learn!

The bee buttons - too twee! :) I hear ya about the packaging waste. At work, I get two cds every month that contain industry data updates. They are shipped separately, on different dates. They each arrive in a plastic cd case, in a 6 x 9 bubblewrap envelope, in a 12 x 12 x 2 Fed Ex box....

Thank you for the good wishes for Canada Day.
I read your blog regularly and think it's one of the best out there in cyberspace.
Thanks for sharing all your fun stuff.

They are perfect. Really, really perfect! (And, of course, MJT came through!)

*boggles at the size ratio of buttons versus packaging*

But these are cute cute cute cute buttons!

Talk about excessive packaging!


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