Bootie Madness!

The title of this post sounds like a bad (as in not good) rap compilation album.

Anyway, once I had my knitting back in my hot (as in not cold) little hands a finished bootie came off my needles in no time.


What I like best about this bootie is the zig-zag bind off. It's a cute detail in a simple piece of knitting that gives it a handmade touch.

There's no SBS (second bootie syndrome) here. I have a train ride up to the North Shore (or, as some of my fellow Bostonians might say "Naahth Show-ah") to give me lots of knitting time.

And, speaking of bad (as in not good) I think that it's time to admit that my camera has been dropped and jostled one too many times. That focus ain't so good any more. Maybe it's time for me to get a tripod.


or a new camera? :)

what's the zig zag bind off? i've never used that before.

That is so cute!

I like the yarn, what kind is it?

If your focus is off, a tripod really shouldn't help you. If you don't have enough light (for whatever exposure setting) and you have a static subject, then a tripod will help you. I assume you're using a digital point+shoot, not an SLR, right?

Try playing around with your settings or updating the firmware; you might be able to squeeze a bit more out. My mom accidentally set her camera into some mode that made it focus badly.

I love the zig zag bindoff on those too- almost makes me want to make another pair!

those are little bits of perfection! are you making the ruffled rib pattern? i looked and none of those really matched the exact look you have going on.. i like yours better than those. they look like "real" socks. :D

Please tell me where to find the pattern for these booties. And also, what is the zig zag bind off? I need to know!!!
I am retired and newly returned to knitting--so much has changed over the years. I love your blog. I find it to be a great source of enjoyment and knitting information.


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