With the warm, dry weather we've been having in New England the Shetland Stole took very little time to dry.



When I saw Carolyn's finished stole and compared it to the appearance of my WIP I had doubts that we were both working the same pattern.

I love how the wavy circles combine with the straight lines of this pattern. It's directionless--a quality I love in lace patterns.

Now, I need to decide if I should bind off or wait on the yarn situation. It's definitely not stole weather; perhaps waiting isn't a bad idea.


Gorgeous - love the pattern and yarn.

Wow! You've got circles, you've got leaves...And in different colours. Could we see a distant shot, too?

Oh, wow! It's beautiful. I just love that stitch pattern.

I am always, always , always amazed by the power of blocking. This looks beautiful! I hope you can get that exra yarn.

that stitch pattern is fascinating.

I LOVE it - both the pattern and the colors! Amazing....

It's stunning - I think you should wait!

Colleen, it's AMAZING! Well done.

Lovely. Please wait, there has to be more yarn somewhere.

Yes, I think you should definitely wait!!! There is another skein out there somewhere....patience, my friend.... patience....

oh wow. that blocked out just beautifully!!

I love how this turned out! So pretty.

Wait for more yarn! That's a gorgeous piece of knitting right there.

Colleen, something this beautiful merits patience. This lovely wrap is worth the wait!

That pattern and yarn together is just mesmerizing. Great job!

Really lovely! The colors and the pattern are a terrific mix.

Wow, I love how the pattern opens up after blocking. I hope that you find more yarn - with all the knitters out there, someone must have some!

Please wait. The stole is beautifully elegant as is, but I think it will be even more so with the extra yarn. Your choices of patterns and yarns always seem so right.

Wow is right! What a great stich pattern and flawless execution. I would certainly wait on the yarn. If it's 28 in square, you may be tempted to fold it along the diagonal, which would not show the patten off to its best advantage.

That is so, so lovely! Blocking out lace is so magical. The swirls in the lace are fantastic.

That's really beautiful. Very nice use of the multicolored yarn too. Congrats.


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