What Will It Bee?

[Thanks so much to everyone who has left a comment lately. I like to reply to my comments, but I have been busy as a--well--bee lately. This leaves little time for emailing, blog reading, or maintaining my own blog (which I like to do daily).]

I swatched with my 1824 Cotton to determine my gauge and the striping sequence. Remember that I'm going for a bee theme here, so the hat needs to resemble a hive (or at least evoke a popular image of a beehive).


Would I want the yellow on top, or the sage? Clearly, the yellow belongs out front. I plan to knit the yellow in reverse stockinette so that it lies on top of the sage. I experimented with combinations of stockinette and garter at the bottom of the swatch, but that changed my gauge (and, I didn't like how it looked).

Anna mentioned that 1824 had problems with dye stability, that is the dye would bleed. She advised me to wash my swatch, just to know if these colorways would bleed together. Either the colorways I have don't bleed, or Mission Falls has improved their dyeing methods.

No bleeding, the stripe sequence is set, and I have my gauge. What could bee left but the knitting?


Ha ha ha! It's going to be cute!

Help! Why is my screen acting up? It's showing me your swatch in ummm grey and a very pale peach-pink...I know it is yellow and grey-green. (Not that what I see matters...)

Swapna, it's not your screen, because I'm seeing the same thing. (Not that what I see matters either lol!) Just didn't want you to think it was just you... It looks pretty, but not yellow and grey-green at all. Odd, no?

Hmm, I wonder if she was referring to Mission Falls before or after their rebirth?

It could beee a bad pun - but the project looks cute!

bee still my beeating heart...

sorry i couldn't resist


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