Visit IKEA for all your Sewing Needs

Happy Bunker Hill Day, everyone!

Here's a topic you don't see much at Subway Knitter--sewing!

Yes, readers I can sew. No, readers I'm not very good at it. I'm not good at it mainly because I don't sew enough to get better (practice makes perfect, ya know). I don't sew enough because I'm the World's Least Patient Person (WLPP). I don't have the patience for the set up, sew for an hour after dinner, then clean up the space for the next 30 minutes. Now, if I had a sewing room...

Well, if I had a sewing room it would be in a constant state of trashed because of all of the half-finished projects.

One might think that because I enjoy knitting a great deal, I also enjoy sewing a great deal. Not true! In my opinion the two have very little in common other than you end up with an object made from fiber. Knitting is all about fudging. But sewing is very exact. It's that exactness for which I have little patience. I do enjoy the finished product of sewing, so every once in a while I am tempted to pull out the machine.

Temptation has arrived in the much anticipated Hustle Bustle Skirt, now available for purchase at Miss Twiss.

I've been taken with this skirt ever since Nikki-Shell modeled her version last month.

Anyway what does all this have to do with that great Swedish import known as IKEA? I'll tell you. An unusual pattern like the Hustle Bustle calls for an unusual fabric. Somehow I fixated upon the idea of using an IKEA curtain (or a pair of curtains) for the skirt fabric.

Cool idea, no? Even if I can't find a curtain that suits me, I'll look at the other textiles. What about a tablecloth? Or perhaps some of the bolt yardage will do.

I might also look for an outdoor knitting chair. With the weather warming, it's time to take advantage of my porches.

Better hustle my bustle....


that is a very cute skirt. i have yet to venture to ikea other than that one time that i went with joe and it was so crowded that i had a bit of a melt down (a little one, quietly) and had to leave post-haste.

That is a cute skirt. I can see how it's leading you into temptation.

Wow, who knew? I imagine sewing would be kind of difficult on the subway, but then again, you have been known to impress your readers with various feats of crafiness. : )

That is such a pretty and feminine skirt! If only I could still wear them.

Some Ikea stores sell actual fabric, that you can buy per yard. (or at least they used to!) They do have great prints, I am interested to see what you get!

Yay, sewing is always fun. (Of course, I enjoy handsewing, too, so...) What ypes of machine will you use?


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