UnBEElieveably Cute

The Bee Stripe Sweater is by far the cutest thing that I have ever knit:


My one dissapointment is that I had to eliminate the placket. I could not figure out how to keep the stripes even, follow the raglan instructions, and create the placket. A better knitter might have been able to do it. But between the gauge alterations and the stripes, my brain said "enough!" and encouraged me to knit the front plain.

Despite this last-minute change, I was still able to work in one of those wee bee buttons.


I couldn't bee happier :-).

The details:

Pattern: I somewhat followed the Child's Placket Neck Pullover pattern. I altered for both stitch and row gauge, and I eliminated the placket. Basically, I used the pattern for cast-on numbers and raglan shaping instructions.

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, in Maize (yellow) and Sand (greenish gray).

Needles: US7s.

Now, on to the booties. Does anyone know of a decent knit-in-the-round bootie pattern? I was thinking of just making a teeny pair of short-row-heeled socks. Would that work?


That's IS the cutest thing! The Bee's Knee's, infact!!

That is a damn cute sweater! Thanks for the close-up picture. I've always wanted to see what Mission Falls looks like knit up - it seems so bumpy in the skein.

I think socks would be more useful than booties--no pressure to match them up with the sweater.

It's adorable!

That really is adorable! I love how you have the stripes continue from the front up and across the sleeves. VERY nice details. Can you borrow a baby to model it? lol
Nice Bee Button ;)

That really is the cutest thing ever! Placket, shmacket. Looks like there's plenty of headroom to me.

veryvery sweet! And the button is a nice touch, too!

so, those booties will take you a day (be sure to include the entire ensemble shot!) and then.... what's next??

i love it. it is an adorable sweater and the button is perfect.

So cute! looks really great.
what's our next baby sweater going to be? we seem to be in sync on these . . .

Right on, Colleen! One very cute baby sweater!

It's BEE-autiful!

I think booties are socks made with thicker yarn.
This ensemble is adorable!

That turned out so great--aren't baby sweaters fun?

"A better knitter"?? PUH-LEEZE. I think you're fabulous. The sweater is tooooo cute!

Truly adorable. You have to get some pics of the baby all tricked out in the bee gear!

Go with the socks. They stay on much better. Love the sweater! So cute.

GREAT job. It is adorable. And I love that button.

It's adorable! What a cute little sweater from a future aunt!

Who needs a placket on anything that cute?! Great job! I think that little baby socks look cuter than booties, personally - go for it!

so cute! i love it + the button just ties it all together!

you could make wee socks instead; i've done it before. they tend to stay on better. :)

I've been told by my LYS shopowner and other mothers that knit that socks stay on better than booties. So I've never made a pair of booties, just socks.

oh how cute!!! i love just love how it turned out. great job colleen!

yeah, i think that some small short-rowed socks would be a great compliment to this sweater.

Truly adorable, Colleen!

Oh my that is super cute! I love the stripes and the great button!

Just make a pair of itty bitty short row heel socks. That's what I vote for and do. I think they are cuter anyway (rather than uggie little baby booties) Take a look at my blog entry from 6/9/2006 to see how cute a mini-Koigu sock looks!

Gah! So. Cute. I rather like the sweater without the placket; it will be easy to dress the baby with that kind of boatneck/button neckline combo.

Now for footwear... two easy patterns came to mind right away, although now that I think of it, you'll probably have to adjust for gauge, so maybe that takes away the easy factor? If so, file these away in your memory for future babes:

Top down or bottom up booties: http://megan.kiwi.gen.nz/SeamlessBootee/

Baby socks from Interweave (pdf): http://interweave.com/knit/interweave_knits/web_projects/Better_Than_Bootie.pdf

Good luck!!

Your sweater is so cute the way it is I wouldn't worry about a placket. The Bee button is awesome!
I think the booties would work out well as mini-short row heel socks. A bit of ribbing at the top to help keep them up and away you go.

I would vote for socks because they stay on way better. But every baby rubs their feet together incessantly, so might I suggest a pair of socks with an ankle-height row of YOs with an i-cord tie looped through? It's like a sock/bootie hybrid. Better gas mileage too.
(mafia-enough with the bad jokes)

That is just the cutest sweater ever!

I vote socks.

That is one cute bee er, sweater you have there, ma'am!

As always, beautiful work. Your extra special touches show you are a wonderful Aunt Subway Knitter for sure.

Darling! Great job and great choice in buttons :-)

I have nothing original to say, but that sure is cute.

It is soooo cute! That little bee button is adorable!

That is adorable! I love the button... perfect!

Too cute! I like that final button choice.

Oh, I love the sweater! Could we see a better picture of the sockinette portion? I too thought Mission Falls was a bumpy yarn but it seems smooth... I don't understand how that works, but that's cool. I vote socks! Lucky baby.

Cute sweater, I love that you did something different, there are several new placket baby sweaters on blogs and yours is unique and darling.

And I don't know about the gauge but how about the Interweave Knits "Better Than Booties Baby Socks?"

i'm making these. super easy. http://www.valleycafe.com/knitting/sock-pattern.html

there is actually a picture of the one i have made already on my blog. just remember if you look at it, mine are bigger, i am making them for a 2 year old and cast on 32 sts. the pattern calls for much less than that.

that sweater is freaking adorable. i think it's the cutest thing i have seen knit as well. ;)

I think that the Last Minute Gifts book has a bootie-in-the-round pattern done in angora. I have every confidence in your ability to change up the pattern for gauge, etc. Zoe Mellor's Nursery Knits also has a cute striped bootie pattern with an I-cord drawstring.

There are a number of free baby sock patterns available on the web. Some of them call for yarn similar/same weight as the Mission Falls cotton...for example, "north country cotton baby socks"

good luck

Excellent sweater, very cute. The best baby booties I have come across are in the book knitting for baby they start with a garter stitch rectangle approx. size of the bottom of the baby's foot, then are worked in a round to form the sides. Then decreasing to form the top of the foot.

They are fast, cute, and very adaptable

Good luck!

That is indeed cute! The button makes it.

Just a note on the MF cotton: I made a kids sweater four years ago that was washed and washed plus machine dried (though drying flat would have been better on the fiber finish). Tell the mom to enjoy and use it with abandon - that stuff wears great.

my gosh, that sweater is so darling! i wish i had someone to knit that for!! soooo cute. . .

I love it--great buttons!!

I don't know if you will see this comment a week later, but here goes ... I ran into a similar problem about a placket in a sweater for my daughter. I solved it by just faking the placket. If you follow the link to my blog, you'll see the sweater in the June 29 entry. I just moved the decreases over a little on the side of the raglan that I wanted the "placket." Sewed on buttons for purely decorative purposes!


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