Too Rainy to Knit?

It is on the subway, at least.

Yesterday I was too wet and every surface on the train seemed too damp to think about taking out my knitting. Sigh! I had a commute with nothing to do except stare into space and try to avoid looking at my fellow passengers. [Why is it that when I don't have anything to distract my attention from other riders those other riders are doing all kinds of annyong or disgusting things?]

Suddenly, the Shetland Stole has grown from being a strip of lace to a large panel. How did that happen?


The view out my window shows me that today might be more of the same, although the rain is falling more softly than yesterday's deluge. Let's hope that I can get in at least a few rows.


How dare the rain get in the way of precious knitting time!

I don't know how on earth you people knit so fast. :)

I hear _exactly_ what you're saying about the people on the subway. Whenever I'm on without any knitting, looking around usually nets some very weird consequences. Best to put my head in my knitting and pretend I don't notice!

You need your knitting to protect you from the masses!

You need a plastic jacket with big pockets and a very small non-wool project!

Yikes! Sounds like you need a "back up book" to save you from all the crazies =)

I hope you didn't see 'that guy' again.

Hopefully you got in some knitting today! It's really moving along.

Yikes! I know the kind of surface sweating you talked about! It was like that in Hong Kong when it is spring time ... dryer is not that popular there and the laundry just don't want to dry in this period. Fortunately, it doesn't last too long ... hope it is like that in your city too.

ugh, the weather here yesterday was unbearable. misty rain that gets everywhere. very miserable. i hear on not wanting to knit. it would definitely make that wool smell like the sheep it came from.

Hiya subway knitter,

I read (and lurk) faithfully, and I simply have to come out of hiding and ask where I might find the shetland stole pattern. I've googled and can't find it. Thanks! You're an inspiration!

Happy KIP day tomorrow,



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