To-Do List

Today, Saturday, 24 June:

1. Wake up!

2. Coffee

3. Breakfast

4. Check email

5. Shower, dress, blah, blah, blah, get myself presentable.

6. Head out the door to Valley Fabrics.

7. Find perfect fabric for the Hustle Bustle Skirt. More info on the skirt is available here, buy it here.

8. Return. Knit. Perhaps blog.


sounds good.

Mine goes something like this:

wake up
potty train Zoe
work on socks
potty train Zoe
work on socks
read Little House on the Prairie to Maya.
potty train Zoe
open a beer

sad, huh?

Sounds like a great day. Have fun!


7.5. Make sure not to leave purchase on any commuter transports.

9. Make sure said purchase gets into apartment and next to sewing machine.

Sounds like a good plan. I walked by Velley Fabrics the other day but I haven't gone in. Perhaps I should check it out.

Oh, fun -- mini-road trip! Have a great day!!

Ha, Rosa beat me to "7.5. Make sure not to leave purchase on any commuter transports." :) Have a good Saturday!

7.25 -- physically attach purchase to self so as not to leave purchase on top of car.

8 Wash, dry clean, otherwise preshrink fabric before putting beside sewing machine. That skirt is going to be so pretty, you want to wear it for a long while.

Were it not so rainy and miserable we'd be going out earlier, but it's...ucky out!

I'm sure you'll find something you love, I need to go through my things and find something fun to make that pattern too, it's sweet!

sounds like the perfect day!

hahah, was going to say the EXACT same thing as rosa. great minds think alike :)

My day is looking scarily similar (although I'm 3 hours behind). And my fabric is for curtains. And I'm going to a beach picnic in between. But otherwise? We're twins separated at birth.


It's Kate, from Valley Fabrics here. That is one swanky skirt pattern. I can't *wait* to see it up close and in person!


Unbelievable! I just bought a smiliar skirt in Cracow, Poland!!! It has a bit different way of acheiving the same result in the back, but the idea is the same. I will try to put a pic on my blog as soon as we move (we are moving yes!!!)

i am literally sick, not merely green, with envy


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