The Dumbest Knitter Ever, Part II

I struck out at IKEA yesterday. There were a few fabric contenders, but all had a white background. White fabric isn't 100 percent advisable for us city chicks.

Anyway, once I got back to the city, put the car away (i.e. parked it on the street) and settled in, I buzzed (via subway) up to Win-Mil Fabrics on Chauncy Street, in Chinatown.

Diana was blogging about sheer visual overload that comes with fabric shopping. I couldn't agree more! It's a good thing that we have only one decent fabric store in Boston (I know that long-time Bostonians--having known other stores--might argue the use of decent here), because otherwise I would never be able to choose.

I waffled a bit, and finally settled on some chocolatey-brown linen. Yum!


I was afraid that a floral print (of which Win-Mil has many) combined with the very feminine details of the skirt would be too girly for Subway Knitter. The brown linen is light and breezy, yet sombre enough for a night out.

Did you get a good look at the fabric? Good! That's the last you'll ever see of it. Somewhere between Chinatown and Jamaica Plain I--loaded with a couple of other bags--lost the bag containing the fabric. Fucking-A! Can I write that? I don't often swear on the blog, but I think that it's warranted here. Ugh!!!

The good news is that it's only three yards of brown linen, certainly not irreplaceable. But, geez, ya know? Can I be a little less careless one of these days? Please?

Next weekend I'll be out in Western Mass., and very close to that fabric mecca known as Osgood Textiles. Has anyone been since it moved to West Springfield? The new store is decidedly more organized and easier to navigate. Somehow I miss the fire-trap rat maze that was the old store. Now that was an experience.


oh man! that totally sucks! it's pretty too.

A little swearing is definately ok here. That fabric is perfect for the skirt. So sad!

I think expletives are needed on such an occasion. MAN! That's sucks. I once left a sweater I had just bought in a cab in Manhattan. I went right back to the store and bought another one. I did like that sweater - wore it for years.

I don't know where you'll be in western Mass., but there is a very cool new fabric store in Northampton (Northampton Fabrics on Pleasant St. -- walking distance from Webs!) and the wonderful old Textile Company in Greenfield.

ugh that sucks. have yourself a drink and enjoy a little knitting instead.

Nice to know there's a source for linen somewhere in the metro Boston region. I haven't seen any in the fabric stores near me. That was beautiful fabric, so sorry you lost it!

aw! that bites! that's gorgeous linen!

That is a tale of T woe! My sympathies.

oh my god!!!! :( that's such a bummer. let's hope some budding seamstress finds it and puts it to good use.

Cursing is a must.


I'm so sorry to hear that. If I see it floating around, I'll let you know.

Oh sweet Jesus in heaven! How awful. Unless it was a choice between losing the bag with the baked pork buns or the loves the bao more than linen. Of course I've got a garage full of fabric and nary a pork bun in the house...

I think the Fabric Place has a decent selection when I visit my siter. Perhaps when you're in the burbs you can find something there.

That chocolate linen is gorgeous. (I have a small chunk of it myself for a knitting bag. lol) it's great to work with. (Also, you can take the Commuet Rail to The Fabric Place in Framingham, and not worry about the car, etc.) Just an FYI...

Oh no! I'm so paranoid about leaving behind bags ever since I left my shopping bag from A Good Yarn behind at Park Street!

I second the recommendation of Valley Fabrics in Northampton! I've only been to Osgood Textiles since the move, but I absolutely love it. Thank goodness I'm only about 25 minutes away!

I haven't been to Osgood yet, but it's on my list, esp. given my current sewing obsession. I'll have to check out the one in Noho, too.
Bummer about the linen--I hate it when I do stuff like that!

Dang! I did that the other night with a doggie bag from dinner.

Ack, that sucks about the fabric! Are you going back to get more?!

oooh, I'm sorry that happend. Not good. What a drag for you.

Ooh, total sympathies on the lost fabric. It almost sucks more to have the picture.. you know what you lost. Hope you are able to get more, though!!

Oh man, that's awful! Sorry to hear it. Between the lost bag and IKEA, you had a bunch of bad luck all in one day. Hopefully the beautiful weekend made up for it. :)

That blows.

I do have friend who left two brand new tailored suits on the T once, though. So, uhm, could be worse...? :) has a nice chocolate linen. Doesn't make up for losing it - but at least they bring it to you.


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