The Dumbest Knitter Ever

Yeah, that would be me.

I was crusing along on the Bee Stripe Sweater at Knitsmiths. Dina and Shireen were looking on--curious as to why I was knitting the sweater flat. "It's the back," I replied. They responded with puzzled looks.

A few minutes later I finished the "back" and began to follow the raglan shaping instructions. I couldn't understand how they worked until I reread the cast-on instructions. Somehow I had missed the key command: join and work in the round. I thought that the piece looked rather large for a back.


Will this mistake be hard to fix? Not at all! No frogging required! So, the body of the Bee Stripe Sweater will have a seam--no one will notice.


See, now, I would totally rip it. But really I would think I needed to rip it and let it sit there. That's why you have many many more fos than me. It'll be stinkin' cute no matter what!

I'm so glad to hear that you aren't ripping! No reason not to put a seam there, hey, you could put a zipper there if you wanted to!

Good for you that you don't have to frog! Me, I'd probably still be crying...what am I gonna do??

Oops! Hey, now it can be a cardi if you want! ;)

You are not a dumb knitter just because you made a mistake. You are a smart knitter because you can fix it!

hahahaha, OOOOOPS! oh well, no one will notice and i promise not to tell :)

I misread directions once, thought I was doing the back when I should have been doing a front panel, and ended up making twice the number of rows called for (because I never have the right yarn and needles, anyway and the thing was looking too narrow)...and then made it the back anyway, because no way was I going to frog the project on which I learnt short rows. It turned out very cute.
And couldn't you weave thr two sides together in such a way that the seam is like another column of stockinette stitches? It would mean a lot of ends to weave in, of course.

Not a dumb knitter! No... now you won't have any jogs in your striping! (see... there's a silver lining right there!)

Looks great... can't wait to see it all together--- this will be a best-dressed baby!

It could be a cardi. Just sayin'...

Cute sweater no matter how you sew/knit it!

Oh, you are crafty!

Whoops! Hee hee - I'm glad I'm not the only one who does things like that!

This is going to be such a cute set!


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