...and the knitting is easy.


From up here I can sit back, knit, and watch my neighborhood.

I love summer!


That chair looks great. And outdoor space...ah...summer!

and is that a beer next to you???

Today is supposed to be a beautiful day. Enjoy!

i love that chair. my next house will have a front porch so i can watch the world go by.

Ah, lovely. I bought a chair for the deck my new apartment has, but having a lounge chair... now that is where it's at. Enjoy!

That chair looks mighty comfortable. I'm jealous. Enjoy the lovely day.

Looks divine... Wish I had a porch!

I like your knitting spot. Just relax...

That looks like a cozy spot.

I love to sit out side and knit! Right now I have to use a folding camping chair, but soon we'll have a patio set for the deck and then you'll never get me inside!!

And it's finally not too hot to be outside!

What a lovely spot you have. I'm jealous. If I knit outside, I get ants falling out a tree landing on me. o.0

My favorite place to knit is outside on the front porch, on our no-longer-white wicker furniture with a tall iced tea or foster's and escape the kids/DH and I'm in heaven, until they find me. "Just one more row!"


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