Puckers On the Other Side

I want to catalogue the pre-blocked appearance of the Shetland Stole.


Carolyn says that it's completely different after it's blocked. I like the texture. I wonder if I will block it after all.


It's very "newer versions of Civ", where the terrain is wrinkled up inside the squares. This one looks like a bunch of grassland hills. :)

How soft is the shetland ending up?

Heh, ChiaLea - I see that, now that you mention it! Ah, good ol' Civ...

Hee hee, egg crates! Can't wait to see the blocked finished product, when the yo will actually be visible...

It does actually look really cool but will you be able to resist the magic that is blocking lace?!?!?!

Beautiful colors!!! It looks so snuggly. I'm not sure I would block it either.

Looks really good just like that.

i think that you're gonna love it once it's blocked.. i just love the magic of lace blocking!

Hey, I'm knitting that! And yes, I've got little puckers on the back. And I'm convinced it will look good! I think yours will be great, and the colors--I love the variegations!

This looks totally amazing already - looking forward to seeing the pics after blocking!

I really like the puckers, but then I still haven't blocked my clapotis because i enjoy the corrugated effect too much.

I too like it unblocked! That will be a hard choice.

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