I know what I wrote yesterday, but I can't resist sharing these absolutely perfect buttons which Wanett pointed out to me:


Available here from M&J Trimming, where I apparently need to go the next time that I'm down in New York.


Those are adorable!

I can see why you can't resist. Too cute!!

You're going to have to make bee things forever, you know, so you can use all the great bee buttons out there...

They are perfect!

M&J's is one of my favorite stops in NYC. TONs of trims and buttons and all sorts of stuff. (Warning: Do NOT take a credit card, bring ONLY tha mount of cash you are willing to part with at that moment. TRUST me on this one!)
Those buttons are the bee's knees. (I couldn't resist.)

Perfect touch!

Those are cute too!

I think I liked the first ones better though.


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