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Thanks for all your comments to my post yesterday. Valley Fabrics is a really great shop--nice people and a nice experience. I forgot to ask, however, if anyone remembers the fabric store which existed in Thornes Marketplace for about a year. It was on the second floor. This would have been around 1993 or 1994. The store was quite lovely, but sold rather ordinary-looking cotton prints for something like $15 a yard. I wasn't surprised to see it go. I 'm curious to know if anyone remembers anything about this store.

While I was busy at home with finishing the Bee Stripe Sweater, I was busy on the subway knitting a hat.

I decided to begin a Bucket o' Chic with the cotton yarn I scooped up last month at Mass Sheep & Woolcraft.

As you know, I can never leave well enough alone with knitting patterns. I had ideas for Bonne Marie's masterpiece, and I quickly put them into practice.

First, I didn't want a stockinette hat. I didn't want someone to recognize immediately that I had knit this. So, I switched to garter stitch. Knitters will still know that the hat is a handknit, but this might fool some of the non-knitters in my life.

I got my gauge, adjusted the pattern and began to work.

My first attempt at the band was clearly too wide:


I frogged it.


Now, that's better.

I knit and knit, joined, and picked up stitches to make the brim. Two rounds in, I knew that something was wrong.


Please excuse the cross-eyed mirror shot. World Cup fever has struck hard in the Subway Knitter household and--as England had scored mere moments before this shot was taken--no one was available to serve as photographer.

I must ask: is this it? Where is the flair I expected to see in the band? This looks too much like a knitted tube for me to continue. I don't understand how one acheives the flaired band shown in the pattern photo from following the instructions in the pattern. Were my adjustments too much for the pattern to bear?

I have ideas for a different approach. You'll see them soon. For now, I must get going on those bee booties.


I like the yarn you're working with - what is it? Maybe the flair only appears when you block the hat?

i have an older copy of the pattern (she separated the felted and non-felted patterns into two separate patterns a year or so ago). she might have changed the directions so i could be wrong. in my pattern it's knitted from the brim, up, as opposed to knitting a cylinder and then picking up sts for the band.

did the pattern change?

Yeah, me too. I made a bucket two years ago and knit from the brim up. Maybe the pattern did change.

BTW - Two thumbs up on the Kaffe Fassett pring.

PRINT. I meant print.

I knit the bucket hat last year and seem to remember that the brim started taking shape once I decreased and started with the main body. But the hat was knit in the round and started with the brim, so maybe the pattern has changed?

I have the new pattern and am wearing the hat I knit with it this weekend, I'm not sure what happened with yours?? You knit from the bottom up and the flare is there from the start, with the decreases. No picking up stitches....

I am so very late to this, but I do think that garter stitch is inherently more stable and less flairy that st st. So maybe that was it. I'm so behind - can't wait to see how it turned out. It'll be like stop motion photography....hee.


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