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I'm back! Welcome to another week. If you're in the Northeast US, you're probably marveling at that yellow orb floating in the sky. That's called the "sun". Don't worry, it's supposed to do that.

Anyway, in between my non-knitting activities this weekend, I was knitting (What? Does that actually suprise you?)

I quickly consumed all the yarn in my hank of the wonderful Two Loops yarn. I am all over this Yarn All Over--it's great stuff. I'll wait here while you go and buy some.

You back? Good, because I have a question for you.

The hank knit me a 17-inch wide by 20-inch long rectangle. This, of couse, is the unblocked dimension. I don't want a gigantic stole. My last couple of scarves have proved themselves to be too long after blocking. They stretched further, drew in on themselves, and obscured their own pattern. I don't want that to happen with the Shetland Stole, so I'm keeping it wider and shorter.


The problem is that I think 17-by-20 will too short, even after blocking. Am I wrong about this? Is there a rule of thumb for blocking? Will a lace pattern knit with sock yarn on US8s grow by 20 percent? 50 percent? More in width than length? Vice versa? I really don't know.

I emailed the wonderful Melissa, proprietress of Yarn All Over. Does she have any more of this colorway (Moss) lying around? Being the peach that she is, she responded almost immediately. Seems like there's about a half a skein chez Two Loops, and an APB is being issued for another hank. If more yarn were available, then I could easily add to the stole's length. Then again, this yarn is such wonderful stuff that I would understand if the owner of the other hank wouldn't release it for all the tea in China.

This brings me to my second question. Should I block the stole to determine both its final length and if half of a hank will be sufficient? Will adding more length to an already-blocked piece wreak knitting havoc?


Just block it on the needles or some thread to hold it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with partially blocking something and then blocking it again later. Actually, this is what I do to check length on pieces, generally, because even a 4" swatch doesn't show where your gaugue will settle out to on many yarns. *cough*silk*cough*

Oh, my, that's a lot of questions for so early - I need more mocha!!

Absolutely, you should block it! Nothing bad will happen, and it may even please the knitting fates and you'll find more of that gorgeous yarn ;-)

M&J Trimming is great. Wait til you see it in person. They have EVERYTHING. Seriously.

Block it. I'm with Barb in that it will please the knitting goddess.

I brought the yellow orb with me from New Jersey this morning. Isn't it pretty?

It's now cloudy with rain in the forecast at my parents house.

well i have no idea. but from what i have seen in pictures, blocking usually makes them better i thought LOL. i've never blocked anything in my life tho, however, i dont knit beautiful things like this either. LOL i have seen people block and add and block again with no problems.

Twosheep June just did this with great success. Block away!


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