Lazy Bones

That would be me.

A nice pancake breakfast (prepared by moi), a leisurely cup of coffee, and a looong morning has sucked my creative energy to blog today. Would you mind if I were to take a day off?

I'll be back tomorrow (when I have more readers anyway) to post about Valley Fabrics.


Sounds like a great morning!

Absolutely! Enjoy the rest of the day!

Sounds like the perfect morning to me!

I think you've earned a day off.

Rest. Relax. It's a perfect Sunday for it.

Sounds like a nice morning. I'm completely jealous of it.
I'm visiting Boston this coming weekend (slightly stupid, I know since its 4th of July weekend) could you recommend some good (more on the cheaper side) yarn stores in Boston, please?

Missed you today, but I hope you had a wonderful relaxing day before the beginning of your week :)
See you soon!


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