Just a Day

Just a normal day on the subway:


Well, it was the subway and a couple of hours in my living room.

The pattern I'm [not] following calls for lots of i-cord "noodles" to be placed at the top of the hat. Now that I'm at the top, I'm not so sure of the wisdom of that. Wouldn't a simple i-cord loop be a more pleasant detail?

Stephanie has been blogging recently about cute baby hats. Her's are very cute. I'm taking inspiration from her.


I concur - a loop would be much better. Multiple cords may just be 'too much'.

hmmm but i love noodles.

Go with the loop!

I think it depends on the wearer. My daughter's a "noodly" kind of kid, but I don't dare put anything on top of a hat for, say my husband.

I'd go with the noodles. I think the hat is thick enough that it would look right, and very cute!

aw, i love the ribs on this hat. super cute... yes, one icord loop is quite enough :)

The noodles intrigue me.

I love it as is.

Very cute! I think the single i-cord loop would make a nice top. I'm sure any subway-riding babies are already jealous. : )

Ditch the I-cord and see if Windsor Button has any little bee buttons and scatter several all over the hat. That'll get the subway-riding babies buzzing with envy!

Very nice. I like it without the noodles, I think.

Yes definately stick to an i-cord, singular!

you could make 1 noodle, and either leave it like that, or add more, depending on how you like it.

I already like the look of the hat! It's very cute!

Want noodles :)


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