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I'm loving the Shetland Stole. The pattern is interesting without being overly complex and I'm completely happy with the colorway. Every day I notice that whatever I'm wearing will coordinate with the stole--once it's complete.

As you might imagine, then, I have great motivation to finish this knit. Yet, there is nagging guilt for Aunt Subway Knitter. Every minute I spend knitting my stole could be spent knitting baby things for the niece/nephew.

I don't like feeling guilty about a knitting project, so I did what any sensible knitter would do in my position. I went yarn shopping! You might remember that I intended to make Windsor Button my next baby-knitting destination, and I did.

Windsor Button carries Mission Falls, and I was eager to try some of their 1824 Wool. 1824 Wool is machine wash/dry and I try to do baby knits with machine wash/dry yarns only. There's no sense in having overwhelmed new parents further overwhelmed by the washing instructions for my handknits.

While browsing I discovered that their 1824 Cotton is also machine wash/dry. Fantastic! This called for an immediate change of plans--a very good thing. I was beginning to question continued use of too many woolly yarns for a baby who will live in the south. A few wool things will be necessary, but a handknit wardrobe of exclusively wool-based garments will be impractical.


I'm thinking a bumble-bee theme for this set. I went for a green-gray and a light yellow. Dark gray was an option, but I tend to stay away from dark neutrals or blacks for kids. They have their whole lives to dress boringly. Let them take advantage of the cutesie kid colors while they can.

Don't think for a moment that I'm abandoning the Shetland Stole. Not a chance! The hat project will be my subway knitting, with the lace better left for my evenings when I'm less likely to drop a stitch.


I like the peach particularly. Will you be doing a set (layette-like)?

What a cute idea! What is the pattern behind the yarn? It looks great!

You just reminded me that I have some very fun MF 1824 Cotton colors in my stash - thanks! Baby knitting - so satisfying. So speedy...

I think we must have a vulcan mind-meld. My very first knitted garment was a baby sweater from 1824 cotton, and MF in both cotton and wool is a total go-to yarn for baby stuff, that is, if I don't use Encore. I love the 1824 cotton's texture; it's so pebbly when knitted up, even a simple sweater looks cool.

ah, 1824 cotton. oh how i want to get my hands on some of that!!

With all these baby knits, you must be getting pretty excited about the baby's arrival! I have a baby nephew, and I must constantly resist the urge to cover him with handknits - he grows faster than I knit!

Oh I have never tried this yarn and await your thoughts! I really want to knit something for the new niece due in september, but need a good machine washable yarn...

I am too old for baby knitting for peers and too young for baby knitting for grandchildren...until I'm old enough I guess it's socks for my subway (BART) knitting.

I'm so glad the 1824 cotton came back! It's great stuff! Where's that hat pattern from?

dang, that cotton is BEAUTIFUL! must check into that. i bet my yarn shop dont have it tho. wonder what shade of blue they might have? nice!

Agree with you about the colors -- bright and cheery! Look forward to your review of this yarn. What a great auntie-to-be!!


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