Further and Further...

with the Shetland Stole.


As the stole grows and I watch how the colorway develops, I'm very happy to notice that the yarn isn't pooling or striping. It's staying quite random (at least to my eyes) and not interfering with the stitch pattern.


Barbara Walker warns that Fir Cone is prone to puckering, and she's absolutely correct.


This will come out with blocking, but if the stole doesn't lie 100 percent flat I don't really mind. A little puckering will add some texture and interest to the piece.


I Love it! both the color and the pattern are so pretty...

It looks great! I bought some yarn in CT S&W and am considering the Shetland Triangle. Fun to see your progress with this.

It does look wonderful.

Wow, it is just lovely.

I love how the yarn doesn't interfere with the pattern at all! It looks great (and I love that colorway)!

that yarn is behaving nicely. i don't think you'll see the puckering post-blocking. it's a similar stitch pattern to flower basket and lace leaf shawls, and they both block out just fine.

i agree though, a bit of puckering could look really nice, especially in your rectangular version.

C'est tres belle! And I'm with Jody: you can totally block out the pucker.

I love this "egg box effect" too. And the color too.

Oh how gorgeous!! I can't wait to see it finished. I love the colorway and texture myself.

It was great meeting you on friday. That really is looking beautiful!

It's looking absolutely *lovely*.

I've been too terrified of pooling to cast on my own variegated shawl project, but you're definitely giving me strength. :) Thanks for sharing progress pictures!

Looks lovely! I really like how the fir cones look against the background color. Keep us posted on your progress!

I just started knitting lace and love the pattern you posted. I also love the yarn color. I'm color-phobic (strange for a knitter, but true) and I've stuck to solid colors so far. But I'm thinking of trying the multi-colored yarn after seeing your progress. It's gorgeous!


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