Dear Subway Knitter,

You have been the queen of multiple projects lately. We cannot remember the last time you had only one project on the needles. You can't seem to remain faithful to one project all the way to the end. Nope, before one is done you cast on for the next.

This two-timing knitting has to end soon. You know how you are. You like to see one project through to completion before devoting your attention to another.

So, we're going to take drastic measures here. Do you know where we are right now? We're on your Beehive Hat. You'll soon realize that you'll need us to progress on your Bee Sweater. Guess what? In order to get to us you'll need to finish the hat.



Your US7 DPNs.

p.s. Don't try to buy another set. We've called all the LYSs.

Those needles are right. I will need them soon so that I can begin knitting the sleeves. It is clearly time to finish the hat.


Finishing took all of 15 minutes. I debated about the noodles versus i-cord loop. Thank you to everyone who weighed in on that. I decided on the loop for two reasons. One, I always have trouble attaching these topper thingies cleanly. Therefore, the fewer the better. Two, this yarn is a little heavy, and I didn't think that a whole bunch of heavy noodles would be good for the little one's noggen.

I still need to wash this hat and attach the bee buttons. This means that I should purchase those buttons before the rest of you do.

The details:

Pattern: I vaugely used a Filatura di Crossa pattern for the cast-on number, but you don't need one for this (Really, you don't. Really, really, you don't. I don't care if you have been knitting for only a week--or only knitting for a week--you don't need a pattern.) Still don't believe me? Read this.

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in colors 309 (Maize) and 104 (Sand). After knitting 12 rows of Maize at the bottom, I alternated between four rows of Maize in reverse stockinette (with the first row of the four always in regular stockinette) and three rows of Sand in stockinette.

Needles: US7, 16-inch circular and DPNs.


Very cute - I love that is says Aunt Subway Knitter at the bottom. Love, Aunt Cara

I might have to make Zoe one of these. It's adorable! (And how much extra cotton do I have in the stash???)

I love it! Very creative and very cute. Good luck botton shopping. : )

I love that you didn't just go with bright yellow and black. This looks much better.

Very cute. Do you mean you *won't* be casting on for the booties? And one loop rocks!

hahah, those are some cheeky US7 dpns!

My, what a bossy hat! Good think it's cute, so it can get away with such behavior.

Your US7s can use the phone? I am very impressed, and I love that little hat.

I hope my needles don't start getting testy with me. *L*

I love that hat. Very cute. :D


It's so cute! How did the prevent the stripes from "jogging" when you changed colors?

I love the hat. What pattern did you use to do it? And how can I obtain that pattern or did you make it up.


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