Dear Sockpal II,

I appreciated your patience in May while I worked hard to finish your socks. You were a champ!

Now, however, I'm in a bit of a pickle. It's been two weeks since those socks left Boston, and neither hostess-with-the-mostest Alison nor I has received word that those socks are in your possession. I'm getting a little worried that my package landed in postal no man's land instead of your front porch.

I guess that I could register an anonymous email address and send you a querie, but I don't think that I should have to do that. Besides, that's a little rude (the politeness of this here post is questionable, but it ultimately serves a larger purpose). If you had received the package you would tell me. Asking you about it seems redundant.

I have been lurking on your blog (happy birthday, by the way), waiting to see if those socks show up. They haven't yet. I've been looking for your address in my inbox, but I haven't seen it. I really loved knitting those socks, and I would hate to think that they didn't end up with their intended recipient.

I didn't send the package with delivery confirmation or insurance because I know what pain they can be (you need to be at home to receive the package, or you need to schlep to the PO on some Saturday morning). But next time, you had better believe that I'll select those options.

What's a knitter to do?


Subway Knitter


Don't leave us in suspense! ;)

What? What happened? I gotta know.

is this the season finale cliffhanger?

gasp, truncation!

Colleen, Colleen, are you ok?! Did you collapse and hit "publish" on the way down??

Why does this sound so familiar? I'm about to make a phone call with similar content to my sister in law, to whom I recently mailed TWO custom designed shawls....

Are there really that many people out there who don't know you should acknowledge gifts???

uh oh. fingers crossed that the package made it and has been misplaced inside the house by a well-meaning housemate, or that it simply has been slightly delayed by the PO. Erp.

My fingers are crossed for you! Last year my pal never acknowledged receipt of her socks until I finally emailed her and she said - oh yeah, I got them. That's it.
I hope you have better luck than me!

De-Lurking...yes, there are that many people. And ocassionally I have been one. Bad Me.
My cousin did that with a lace alpaca skullcap birthday present I made her. I got my revenge by calling her at 6am (college kid in CA, me in VA) to ask if she got the package. Muahahahaaaa...bad me.

Did you ask Allison to send an email? I think that's what I'd do because I couldn't handle the suspense.

Oh no! I do hope that they are not lost to the USPS.

I would hate to think that a pair of handknit socks is stranded in postal no-man's land! Hopefully there is a logical explanation. Keep us posted.

oh no! i really hope they didn't get lost. did they have a long way to go? (i can't remember).

btw, the delivery confirmation that you get when you fill out everything online at doesn't require the person be home. they just register that it got there when the mailman delivers it. not as foolproof, but it also doesn't put out the recipient by making them go to the PO.

*fingers crossed* for ya!

I sure can feel your pain. I sent my sockapaloooza socks off to Barcelona Spain and did not do return reciept requested - what a mistake that has been. The socks were mailed on April 20 and they never arrived. The most annoying part is it cost me almost 9.00 to mail them. I don't know what else to do - at least my swap pal emailed me and said they did not arrive. Good luck - I hope they get there soon, I have 1/2 a replacement pair done for my pal. "My Bad" as my nephew would say for not sending registered and insured package...Hope yours arrive...

Maybe she's on vaca????

Hey Colleen-this is a job for your Sock Sister! Send me your new pal's info and I'll shoot her an email.

Hey Colleen,
You asked, "what's a knitter to do?" My answer: Forgive me?
I got your socks the day before my birthday and loved them. (For the record, I still love them). They're gorgeous and fit fabulously.
I posted a vague but happy poast on the morning of my birthday and then my personal life exploded.
I'm only just starting to piece together who I've shortchanged and how and I'm terribly sorry that one of those people was you. I thought I'd specifically mentioned in the birthday post that my socks were one of the packages that came in as fabulous birthday presents, so I wasn't too worried about getting back to you with more detail until after things calmed down. When the sock sister's email came in today I realized I'd been mistaken.
I'm terribly sorry.
Forgive me?

An email is not good enough to acknowledge a pair of handmade socks - an immediate phone call is the only way, followed by hand written thank you note! What has become of us that we can't pick up the phone? If no one is there at least we can gasp and ooohhh and gush appropriately into the voice mail.


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