Close Up Time

A couple of you asked to see a close-up photo of the stockinette in the Bee Stripe Sweater.

Here it is:


You might think that Mission Falls 1824 cotton would knit up very bumpily. Not so. It's slighly uneven, but (in my opinion) nothing like what you would expect from looking at the skein.


Nice close up. I've seen the Mission Falls 1824 at Windsor, but haven't had a chance to try it. It's nice to see it knitted up. Thanks for the picture.

I had a similar experience knitting cascade fixation recently--it also knits up very smooth despite it's bumpy stretchiness when you start out.

I love the texture of 1824 cotton. It is smoother than you'd think from the skein, yet has a lovely, rustic look that I really like.

Please tell me how I can get the "new" subway knitter stuff. I know you are in a new place and I can't seem to get the info automatically anymore.

Help please. Yours is my absolutely favorite site!! I love visiting.

Thank you,

Oh, I agree! Loved knitting my baby a cardigan with it.

Wow! It really does look a lot smoother than in the skein. Thanks!


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