Busy As a....

Okay, you know what I was about to write:


I cast on for my Beehive Baby Hat. I'm vaugely using the Noodle Hat pattern from the Fall/Winter 2004 Filatura Di Crosa baby book. I borrowed the stitch counts and the bottom from the pattern. But other than that, I'm on my own. The combination of stockinette and reverse stockinette is all me, as is the stiping sequence (four rows of yellow, with three of the sage).

I know how I want the hat to look, and getting there doesn't really require a pattern. It is after all a baby hat. Lest you think I posess superior knitting skills to be able to write that, just knit a few baby hats. You'll know exactly what I mean in no time.


:) I know exactly what you mean.

Well I'm sure it'll be great, I mean it's a baby head--round and big.

This promises to be a very cute hat. I admire your knitting creativity!

Looking good! And it will be great!

So far, so cute!


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