Block and Tackle

Remember the Shetland Stole?

The last time that you saw it the stole was a teeny unblocked square, measuring all of 17 by 20 inches. While I wait on the results of Two Loops' yarn APB (hopefully, hopefully, there is a half skein of this colorway in TL's posession) I decided to block what I have.

A ten minute soak in some warm water was followed by some squeezing. Then I put the thing on my oh-so-clean blocking carpet and wrestled every last inch out of that thing. I had my doubts that this would work.


(Yes, I do realized that the wrong side of the pattern is facing up.)

YOs stretched and relaxed. SSKs flattened. Pretty soon it became obvious that the stole would grow by quite a bit. I pinned out the edges and measured. [Yes, I know about the Harlot's method, and I made a half-hearted (half- Harloted?) attempt, but something wasn't working, so I still needed the pins.] The stole now measured 28 by 28 inches square. Still small, but an improvement.

So, initial results indicate that more yarn would be a welcome addition to this project. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.



Keeping fingers crossed for you.

*fingers crossed*

I find that I need 4 hands for the Harlot method. Being in possession of only 2, well, I pin.


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