Bee Sweater

What goes better with a beehive hat than a bee-striped sweater?


I don't know, so I cast on for that very thing.

I'm using the Child's Placket Neck Pullover from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The pattern came from the Purl SoHo website. This is my second time using this pattern, and I think that it might become my baby sweater of choice. There are quite a few things in LMKG that I would like to knit. When the book has been properly edited and is mostly mistake free I'll consider buying it. Until then, I'll stick to this one pattern.

Meanwhile, this pattern offers me endless possibilities, and I'm sure that my version will look little like the picture in the book. The yarn is 1824 Cotton, the same as I used for the hat. I'm doing four rows of each color to make the stripes, and I'm adjusting for gauge.


That will definitely be cute and a cute ensemble together. Are there booties, too?

I like how you hid your adaptation! :)

OK, enough with the mind meld. I have knit this sweater twice, and am considering a third go-round. First, I used some fun stripey stuff in a reaaaally thin yarn, which took forever and lots of math, but it has a great stripey yoke. The next time, variegated Encore. Next, I think I'm going to try Blue Sky Cotton.

Great ensemble for the wee one.

Bzzzzzzz.... Bzzzzzzzz.... I hope there are booties!

I plan on making that some time. That's a very cute sweater and I like the stripes. It will be quite the ensemble.


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