Bee Happy

Alternatively I could have entitled this post "How to Distract You from Little Knitting Progress".


They're wee bee buttons. Aren't they cute? These aren't for the hat; I'm still searching for good bee-shaped buttons for the hive hat. These buttons are, I think, for the matching pullover (which I have yet to start).

Let me level with you: I got nothing for this weekend. Nothing! Fiber-festival plans were replaced by some non-knitting activities. There'll be no fiber frolicking for Suway Knitter, I'll tell you that. And the rain! It's killing any and all photo opportunities. I could do some filler posts for Saturday and Sunday, or I could wait until I have something decent to show you. I'm choosing the latter.


Oh, those buttons! They are so adorable!

Bee still my heart! Those buttons are the cutest ever.

Those are really cute! Spending the time and effort to find matching buttons is just the finishing touch needed, I think!

Just post pictures of all of the buttons you have in your stash!

I generally could care less about buttons, but those are seriously covetable. I love the happy bee smile!

Do you want me to look at my shop today? We sell really cool buttons.


so cute!! i love them :)

every spare minute i have this weekend will be spent watching world cup and knitting!! i can't wait!

Love the buttons. Have a great weekend!

those are very cute buttons.

the sun should peak out this weekend

love those buttons, abslutely adorable

Those buttons are TOO CUTE.

Awwwwz! I want a pullover with those buttons on it. So cute, so cute.

Super cute! I think I saw some bee-shaped buttons at Wild & Woolly.

Those are the most adorable buttons!

I want them for myself!

Those buttons are SO cute! They just make you want a button stash, right? ;-)

Those certainly are worth using the basis of a sweater. Too charming for words. Tangentially related: a link to a picture of M44, colloquially known as the Beehive Cluster:

I have the same little buttons. I bought them at Tender Buttons in NYC. Saturday is Worldwide Knit in Public Day...

Google is the best search engine


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