A Sleeve....

While I was IKEA shopping and lace blocking, I was also sleeve knitting:


One Bee Sleeve.

I think that while knitting this sleeve I improved my yarn-carrying technique. Do you think that I'm cutting the yarn when I change colors? Not a chance! I'm wrapping the unused color and carrying it behind the working yarn. It's much easier this way, but the stripe becomes slighly uneven at the join.


It looks worse in the photo because the stitches pick up a bit of shadow. In real life, I'm happy with it. Time for sleeve two, during which I'll think about how to manage the stripes on the sweater yolk.


This sweater is going to be adorable! Good idea with carrying the yarn behind. I have to try that.

Is that a seed stitch hem along the bottom?

I know about carrying the yarn--soooo much easier than weaving in all those ends! Good job!

is it knit flat or in the round? it almost looks like a jog but it's hard to tell!

do you mean you're carrying the 2nd yarn around the whole sleeve? can you take a pic of the inside so i know what you mean? or am i just being dense?

I think the sleeve looks just fine. Besides, it's a baby sweater - the baby will never notice! : )

My only beef with MF cotton is that the pebbly texture really works against you when you are trying to do color work. I made three (yes, three) intarsia baby sweaters that looked sort of crappy with this, and that's when I realized it was not me, it was the yarn! When I would carry the yarn a few stitches, it would bunch and tighten, and no blocking or stretching would straighten it out.

i agree with liz. a lot of the wonkiness you're seeing there is just cotton anyway so i wouldn't sweat the matchup. it looks great and will be on the underside of the arm anyway!

Looks better than a seam would. Cotton does seem to do weird things.

Smart about carrying the yarn behind - I would hate the thought of weaving in a scazillion ends.

Who cares if the seam is a little mis-matched!!! It's in the baby's armpit, for heaven's sakes!!!! Cut yourself some slack on this one!!!

There is a technique for preventing the jog from showing. I found it in the Knit Socks book by Betsy Lee McCarthy. From what I understand, you knit the first row of the new color as usual. When you get to the end of the round, use your right needle tip to pick up the stitch below the first stitch and place it on the needle. Knit these two stitches together.

I know it's too late now, but it could come in handy someday.

Looks lovely and the baby will never notice :)


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