You Call This Turning?

Oh puh-leeeese! I reached the portion of the heel instructions when you "turn" the heel. "Finally!" I thought. "A few twists and turns." Not so fast.

Sure, sure, you're knitting and purling, you're slipping, you're even doing an SSK here and there. But where are the backwards YOs, the SSSKs, the P3Tog TBL? All missing. Sigh....


There is a first time for everything. I have knitted socks for ages and just recently learned that there is such a thing as a short-row heel. I have tried it once knitting a sock toe-up (another novelty for me) and it didn't turn out very nice, but that is probably due to lack of experience. I am going to practice short-row heels and toes, but I will probably remain your opposite, an ardent fan of the heel flap.
Btw, I think your sock looks really beautiful.

Ok, now I *have* to try the short row heel!

it's so pretty - must be all those SSKs and stuff...

I think you're suffering short-row withdrawal. Must remedy immediately!

Personally, I like to mix things up by replacing the ssk with a sl2k, pass to left needle, k2tbl.

I know - I am a wildwoman.

It's subtle. Elegant in its simplicity.

*hugs my heel flaps*

I know I've said this before, but that sock still amazes me. Right now? It's starting to scare me. I'm glad you're working on it over there.

Admit it. You kind of like it.

I like the heel flap. It's the only way I've ever made a sock heel. I tried the short-row heel and that was like speaking French, just didn't get it. Maybe another time.

i sat next to you on the train this morning and watched you for a bit. it's coming along beautifully!

For me, the real magic in a heel flap, is the gusset. I.E. - what you're just fixin' to start now. I love the smooth fancyness and how the whole heel together looks complicated (even though it isn't). It's like magic.

For me, short row heels are just.....short rows. No magic there.

I'm laughing...I totally thought the same thing! "What's the deal?!"

Ah, knitting.


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