Yarn Up The Yazoo!

Recent developments 'round these parts have been very kind to the Subway Stashette (thanks Claudia for that term).


First we Knitsmiths had a swap. That added the hank of green/pink Malabrigo (mmm, thanks Norah!) the two cones--that's 1,800+ yards of wool fingering-weight yarn (thanks Alison!), the hank of baby-blue Manos, and the skein of self-patterning Opal in mostly blues (thanks Ariel!)

Then, my Sockapaloooza Care package. From that came the hank of Dani's gorgeous yellow-blue sock yarn (Starry Night, if you're curious), the amazing green and blue and oh-so-spring hank of Melissa's Yarn All Over, and last but not least: the two mini hanks of the leftover Sockapaloooza yarn (hand dyed by Melissa for me).

Let's see, am I forgetting anything? Nope, don't think so. While I don't have anything specific in mind for anything other than the Yarn All Over and the mini hanks (stay tuned), there seem to be a couple of hats and maybe a pair of socks calling my name. There'll be small projects galore!

[Readers might have noticed that I began to hold comments for approval. I really didn't like doing that, but I had to because of comment spam. The amount of spam has dropped recently, so I'm going back. Your comment should publish immediately.]


What a nice addition to the stashette! (Are you still planning to make some baby booties?) I love your category - "Living with Yarn" - don't we all dream about living with piles and piles of yarn?

I can't wait to see where the Malabrigo ends up--I'm sure you'll do something lovely with it. Enjoy!

mmmmmalabrigo. I'm so sad they stopped selling it! I was about to order some and ... well... I was surprised. Ahwell, at least Boston has a bunch of cool knitters; my job in CA fell through (who the hell recinds job offers after making them?) and it looks like I'll be moving to Boston in a few months.

Great stuff! Look forward to seeing what you do it it.

What a beautiful little pile you've got going there. Do I see a trend toward the "cool" colors? I look forward to seeing what the yarn turns into.

Lovely stashette additions. When does a stashette become a stash, anyway?

So many pretty things. Where does a girl start?

That explains it. I figured something had happened. I hope the spammers have moved on.

* huggles *

Subway stashette! Love the terminology

SO bummed I missed the swap! SOOoooo...Knitsmiths field trip. This weekend I'll be up there and hope to actually make it to Knitsmiths. The following weekend is the MA sheep & wool and I think we should have a little expedition to that!

Stashettes rule. In the same way Mini Coopers rule.


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