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Some of you know that I'm a short-row girl. I loves me a short-row heel! Pomotamus, however, is a heel-flap sock. It seemed unlikely that I could adjust the pattern to a short-row heel AND keep the chart correct. I decided that I will knit the heel portion as written.

I know what you're thinking. "As written?! What is this world coming to?" There's nothing wrong with knitting a pattern unaltered (but I will mention that I altered the knit TLBs to simple knit stitches--so there!). How can I say if I prefer a short-row to a heel flap if I have never knit a heel flap sock? Perhaps I'll like the heel flap better. I'm keeping an open mind.

So far I find the heel flap much less magical than the short-row. Look, I knit a big flap:


i was thinking of trying pom's short row heeled next time I do them

I do love how that yarn is looking with that stitch pattern! :)

You crack me up. See, I only know how to do heel flaps!

I've done heel flaps exactly twice--my very first pair of socks, and the Jaywalkers a few months ago. I agree. Short-row heels are a lot more fun to knit . . . at least, to me! (Gotta say, though, I liked the garter stitch short row heel--once I got it placed properly!)

I feel the same - the heel flap just doesn't have that same "magic" as the short row heel. And, you have to pick up stitches! But, I do think it's great when you can do both ways well...

i'm just recently coming to love short-row heels. i feel like any pattern can be changed to fit them! so much fun :)

Very magical! You make a square into a heel? It's so cool.

Those socks are gorgeous!

Ha ha, I agree, the heel flap isn't quite as magical, but I still like it.

I love those colors!

That first heel sock had plenty of magic for me. :p I still love that yarn.

I really love how the pattern looks woth that yarn. Now I gotta make them...

I'm definitely a heel flap gal myself, having only knit a short row heel on some baby booties, which barely counts. P3tbl is such a pain in the rear, I'd rather pick up stitches! Ok, now I'm definitely going to make this sock - yours looks lovely!

I've just made my first 2 pair of short-row socks and I really like the technique. But nothing compared with the magic of my first pair of socks, when I did the uninspired heel flap as directed, and then went on to Turning the Heel. A magic concave shape appeared out of nowhere.

The flap? Meh. But the turned heel is fun.

Me was a shortrow girl too... then I did a heel with a flap and a turn... and boy... is that magic or what? Okay, the flap is boring to knit, but then you get to turn the heel!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that part and then picking up the stitches and doing the gusset... yumm LOL!!! I don't like doing short row heels anymore now :)

Cheers Eva

I am totally with you - short row heels are the way to go. I always go out of my way to change a pattern so that I can do a short row heel! I hate picking up stitched. HATE IT!

Looks good to me; but then I'm easy to impress when it comes to socks.

The yarn is beautiful for that pattern. I'm tempted, too.

The magic of the heel flap comes in when you do the actual turning of the heel. It actually makes a 90 degree angle!

Maybe I've been doing my short row heels wrong, but each time I've tried to do heels that way, I've ended up with socks that fit far too tightly across the heel/ankle area of my foot. Heel flaps feel far more comfortable to me.

I love heel flap heels. I have big wide feet and from the research I've done, it seems like people with narrow heels prefer wearing short-row heels and people with wider heels are more comfortable in flap heels.

And besides, I like turning the heel and picking up the stitches around the flap. :-)

Those are awesome! I made them in a solid color, but your stripey yarn looks great! I love the pattern, but you're right, those TBLs got annoying, especially the purl TBLs on the not-so-magical heel flaps.


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