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I'm not even going to discuss the whole business of picking up stitches. We have none of that in the land of short-row heels.


Okay, so I did it. I "turned" the heel and picked up my stitches. I am ready to move on to Pomotamus chart B. How do I feel about heel flaps? I'm decidedly "eh". [Then again I was decidedly "eh" about sock knitting not too long ago, and look what happened. Anna has been reticent on the matter.]

After I worked the heel flap I realized that I could have done a short-row heel quite easily, without adjusting any charts. No worries, I wanted to try a heel flap and I did. Next time, short-row heels all the way. Why should I deny myself the pleasure?


i'd like to learn how to do short row heel. can you recommend a good reference?

Short row heels don't involve picking up stitches? Brilliant! I'm new to the whole sock knitting lark - I'm on the home stretch on my first pair, and picking up stitches on the heel is the only bit I didn't like.
Pomotamus is on my to-do list, and thanks to you I won't be twisting the stitches and I'll find instructions for a short row heel instead - the whole thing just got a lot easier. Cheers!

I've never done a heel flap, but I haven't done that many socks (yet! I have 4 pair on needles right now--yikes!)so I am watching your progress with much interest.
Also, that pattern looks even better than the pictures at Knitty.

Heh, I completely hear you on that!

Sock knitting is a new-ish obsession for me too, and I am trying to experiment with different forms of construction and techniques until I really find my way. I love how that short-row heel looks and how it feels in shoes, but there is something about the flap heel that makes me feel like it will wear a little better. And I love how the gussets look too. Very hand-made. I've lately had a yen to try an Eye of Partridge heel - fancy! Sock knitting is a little microcosm of knitting: so many ways to do the same thing.

Yup, I've sworn off heel flaps too. I sub short rows into any heel flap sock pattern I use (as well as changing it to toe-up more often than not). I just get more satisfaction knitting it "my way". But like you, I did try the flap once. Just once.

I've never made a heel flap and would be hard pressed to start. I hate picking up stitches. Plus I feel short-rows look more store-bought.

It's always fun to hear it from the other side. I prefer heel flaps to short row heels. Picking up stitches is my favorite part. I have a sock knitting sickness.

You know, I was "meh" on my first short row heels, and now I'm a full-scale convert. Watch out--they might get you!

Well, you had to try it at least once! I much prefer short-rows myself . . .

Speaking as a person who began only knowing heel flaps, I am now decidedly a short-row heel girl. It was brave of you to try, now you know for sure that short rows are the way to go!

so, what method do you like for short-row heels? i'm gonna guess blue blog's backwards YO, but that's just a guess. i tried the double-wrap method on my last pair of socks and liked it but i did have to pick up a few stitches at the join to close up the holes.

You must do a short row heel! You will never love these gorgeous socks if you don't. You'll always think,"If only it had a short row heel." :)

Love the progress on the socks, have been watching with interest as I'm hoping to do them also (after completing my first ever pair of socks I suddenly feel that I can achieve anything!!)
Great colours also!

Funny, picking up stitches is the thing I detest most in knitting, yet I love heel flaps when knitting top-down socks and don't mind picking up stitches for after-thought heels either.

The heel flap of the Pomatomus sock is a continuation of the pattern though - it looks really cool. The short row heel would interrupt the pattern.

Well, I am on the other side of this debate. I tried a short row hell once. Just once. Not for me. I am a heel flap-pick up stitches girl all the way. It feels like magic to me. But we get points for trying somethig new don't we? I am going to try the aftertought heel next. Must look up that Eye of Partridge - Hmm sounds interesting.

Congrats on your heel flap! :D

Heel Flaps ROCK!!! lol

Dude. I've been MIA. What's going on??? You're knitting pomotami (or whatever)?? Damn. I don't read blogs for a while and look what happens. You nut. Heel flaps rule btw.


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