The Knitters Whom You Meet...

...when you're walking down the street.


It's our favorite knitblogging neighbor Kat, who was sporting a Dulaan Project tote bag. I spotted it from a distance, and squinting, I thought that I could read "Dulaan". Amazed that someone would have such a item, I caught up to this mystery person. Of course, I should have known all along.


About Sock Heels. I am fairly new at socks, so have only done heel flaps. The patterns I use have not used short row. Would like to try that one day. LOL, wish I had a subway to take to work. I have to drive and haven't figured out how to drive and knit safely at same time......LOL. Have a great day.

That's too damn funny. You see knitters everywhere! :D

How exciting! It's great when knitters can be spotted in the wild.

What about the socks?!!!


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