The Best Sockpal EVER!

UPDATE: 20:06 (24-hour time just seems much more official): Let's see if the photos have been restored.

I know that everyone is writing this, but I know that my Sockpal is truly the best of all.

My Sockapaloooza package from the wonderful, fantastic Melissa arrived on Tuesday. Fortunately, the box was taken inside immediately, where it waited for me to arrive home from work. I'm glad that it remained cozy and dry in my kitchen all day.





Melissa, I cannot say thank you enough! The socks are wonderful. According to your blog they are the Petticoat Socks from Weekend Knitting. I love them. My feet love you. This downright nasty weather which we've had in Boston means that it's sock weather again, and there's nothing like a pair of handknit socks for keeping the tootsies toasty warm.


I must tell you that Melissa hand-dyed this yarn. For me! She hand-dyed this yarn specifically for my socks! Can I tell you how special this makes me feel? Melissa, you must have been channeling my color sense when you put the dye in the pot. The colorway is absolutely perfect. "Periwinkle" might describe it. In certain light it's blue, in other light it's purple. It's very mysterious--a great quality in a color.

But that's not all. There were two mini hanks of the sock yarn:


Can you say "booties for the future niece/nephew"?

This hank of yarn:


It's Yarn All Over, Melissa's label. Go grab your credit card and visit her Etsy shop. I'll wait here while you go and buy everything.

Melissa, what are you doing out there in Berkeley besides dying yarns? How did you know that I was on the hunt for a colorway just like this? I know just the project for this yarn, and it's going at the top of the stash: the Shetland Lace Shawl from Wrap Style. This yarn is very soft, and I know that it will feel great against my neck.

Once Sockapaloooza Twoooza socks are in the mail, you can just guess what'll be on my needles. Stay tuned for blog updates this spring.

Besides enhancing the yarn stash, Melissa also enhanced the chocolate stash with some much appreciated chocolate. Mmm, chocolate. You all know how I feel about that!

Melissa: thank you! You are truly the best Sockpal a knitter could have.

Also, I have for too long neglected to say thank you to Alison for running another great sock swap. Thanks, Alison! All your hard work is showing itself in scores of happy looozers!


but no pics???

Wow! I'm glad you had such a great sockpal experience. And I have to say, it will be too cute if you and your future niece or nephew have matching socks!

Hooray! Melissa was my sockpal for the last swap, and she made some lovely socks for me too. She dyed mine in shades of green, and I love them! To sing her praises a bit more -- a couple months ago she emailed me to see how my socks were holding up, if I had thoughts on the design/fit/etc because she wanted to be sure that her new pal would love the socks. She clearly puts a lot of thought into this swap, and my toes are thankful too. Enjoy!

Oh, they sound wonderful - hopefully you can post pictures again...

You're descriptions are making my mouth water! I can't wait to see the pics (and chocolate).

yeah, I got no pics. I clicked through to Melissa's site to see your lovely socks (and they are lovely!

One of my favorite patterns for beautiful socks! What a gorgeous color, too.

Ah! Now I can see all the pics! Lovely! You're very lucky.

Those are beautiful socks. I'm always amazed at how most folks' socks lay nice and flat. lol The kntting looks flawless!

Breathtaking yarns and gorgeous socks! You lucky sockpal you!

what a fabulous sockapaloooza swap you had! those socks a just perfect for you and the yarn she sent along is fantastic as well. lucky colleen!

Gorgeous! You definitely lucked out on that swap!


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