Sock Savior Care Package

By now, all of you know that I received my Sockapaloooza socks. Knit by the oh-so-wonderful Melissa, they have barely left my feet since their arrival.

What you don't know is that another package arrived chez Subway Knitter earlier last week. Of course, I was on pins and needles awaiting my Sockapaloooza pair, so when I saw this on the porch you might guess what I thought.


Eeeee! I might have squeaked with glee at the sight. Actually, I'm quite certain that I did.

I bought the package inside, and left it at the table. My Sockpaloooza socks! They're here! They're here! Good sense, however, prevailed. First eat dinner, then open socks.

An hour or so later I sat down and opened the package. The envelope contained a wrapped parcel with a note on the outside. Before I opened the parcel I opened the note. It was a thank-you note. That's a strange type of note to send to your sockpal, I thought.

I read the note and then it dawned on me. The woman for whose sock pal I'm knitting sent me a thank-you package. How thoughtful! Surprise and delight doesn't begin to describe how I felt. I was, to put it mildly, touched.


Look! Here we have a hank of Dani's wonderful hand-dyed merino (in the "Starry Night" colorway--very Van Gogh-esque) and a chocolate bar. I'll have you know I waited an entire day to consume some of this marvelous chocolate because I wanted a photo of the entire package in decent light. Is that bloggy devotion or what?

This left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling, and convinced that knitters are the best.


Glad to hear you're being appreciated.

Nice to see you again yesterday, too.

how cool! Dontcha just love knitting related mail?? Will bring fishy hat and it's mate next Sunday.... me

Just goes to show: what goes around, comes around. You've earned yourself some good knit-karma!

That is so thoughtful! Everyone loves to get a surprise package, and this one is just lovely!

that's pretty awesome and nice of the lady to send to you.

That is so sweet. :D

I LOVE that yarn. Now I have a case of the wants. *L*

How thoughtful -- it must feel great to know the socks you knit were so appreciated!

that is VERY sweet. knitters are truely the best there can be.

Oh, how sweet! And very devoted of you. I probably would've artfully arranged the empty chocolate package to provide the illusion of fullness. :)


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