Sock One, Pair Two, Swap Three

On any pair of socks, turning the heel is rounding a corner, both literally and figuratively. The foot (probably because the pattern is on only one side) goes a lot faster than the cuff. The first Pomatomus cuff seemed to take forever--I think the bulk of my knitting time on this sock was consumed with those three chart repeats on the cuff.

Comparatively, the foot happened quickly. This is good. For a time I was anticipating sending my second sock pal an email warning that the socks were coming, but not any time soon. I'm hopeful that Sock Pall (Sock Pal II--get it?) will be seeing a package in the next couple of weeks.




Do I need to tell you that I love this sock? The pattern and yarn are a perfect match. I love how the bold swirls complement the large scallops.

I also loved this toe-shaping technique. It might displace short-row toes as my shaping of choice. Why is that, when I enjoy short-row shaping so much? You are left with fewer stitches to graft. I can easily imagine the benefits of this if I ever have a nubbly or uneven yarn, or if I'm not in the mood to graft on a particular day.


Those are just lovely! I didn't know Lucy was on Etsy, thanks for the link.

What beautiful socks -- you're right, the yarn and pattern compliment each other nicely.

Thank you for the comment that included the word FOREVER. I think Im going to do a search for all patterns that have that comment attatched and no matter how beautiful, Im not going there any time soon. YOURS are gorgeous however.

I agree, when it comes to the wedge toe. While I find myself longing to try short-row heels again, I find myself having NO INTEREST in short-row toes, for that very reason. A dozen stitches or twice that? I don't think there's been a day, EVER, when I actually WANTED to graft something.

Wow-wee. Those are beautiful! I am anxious to try that pattern.


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