Sleeve Island

How can such tiny sleeves take so long to finish? You're probably expecting that they would both be done by now. So was I!

But I have a secret to share with all of you. I have been cheating on poor George. Seduced by the feel and colors of my Pomotamus socks, they became my subway project for much of the week. The sleeve for George languished in its bag.

I know that at least one of you witnessed my evil ways (hey, next time say hello!), and I was a fool to think that Georgie wouldn't find out.


Yeah, that's some subway frogging right there. [I love to frog on the subway. People already suspect I'm a little crazy for the knitting, and then I go and rip it all out. They don't know what to think when they see that.] Seems that I decided to ditch the instructions and come up with my own decrease combo, a combo that consisted of two left-leaning decreases. On the back I decided to do my decreases as SSKs and K2Togs, instead of the K2Tog TBL and K2Tog, Fine. But I completely forgot what I did when it came time to shape the raglan on the sleeve. Crazy, eh?


Knitting is sensitive like that.

the non knitting community doesn't understand frogging, heck it's been almost a year since i learned and i can barely understand it (am comming to except guage swatches but i assure you i am kicking and screaming)

I find it hysterical how non-knitters react to frogging--often complete horror!

i was knitting on the Path train last night and a guy asked me what I was knitting. He then rattled off a list of things I could make - socks, blankets, mittens - and I agreed that one could indeed make all those. His friend was totally weirded out and asked him how he knew all that. He blushed and furiously starting discussing baseball scores. It was hilarious.
How do you see so many knitters? I knit in the NYC metro and Path all the time but never see anyone else knitting or crocheting.


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