Shetland Beginnings

Oooh, I'm so excited about this yarn! I know that I should be blogging about George (tomorrow) but I can't wait to use this yarn.


This is the hank of Twoloops handdyed that Melissa included in my Sockapaloooza package. I love everything about it. The colorway, the weight, and the merino (so soft!).

The photo doesn't do the yarn justice. I realize that it's overexposed. I cast on yesterday for the Shetland Lace Triangle from Wrap Style. Only thing is I'm making a stole, and not a triangular shawl. For me, a rectangle will be more useful than a triangle.

The pattern's use was inspired by Ms. So Much Yarn, whose own Shetland Triangle with DB's pure silk is gorgeous (what a great use for that yarn--must get some).

Did you know that there's a knitalong for it? I thought about joining it, but I can barely keep my own blog interesting these days, never mind trying to provide witty posts for another.

Socks and lace, lace and socks. And baby knits! How could I forget about George? That's what this blog is all about these days.


The yarn sounds divine!

I feel like all I knit are socks and shawls. But it's all good.

Ohhh I can't wait to see your shawl!

I prefer rectangular stoles as well - they seem more practical, especially if you're not really a shawl person. Good luck with this new project!

It's your blog - you're in the one in charge, right? (Although sometimes, I wonder if my blog has it's own agenda it isn't telling me about . . .)


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