Seeing Stars

[I neglected to post information about my sheepy coffee mug. It came from Great Bay Pottery of North Hampton, New Hampshire. You can buy mugs on line, but I don't see the sheep variety offered. Email 'em though. I bet they have some "in back".]

I'm seeing stars after my most recent trip to Windsor Button.


Button selection for George couldn't be delayed. I want one baby knit completely finished before I get too far along with anything else--"anything else" being the Shetland Stole.

These are glazed ceramic stars, and I think the yellow/orange contrasts nicely with the green.


With the buttons attached, Georgie is done!

The details:

Pattern: George from Jaeger JB 28

Yarn: about three skeins of Plymouth Encore, colorway 1232

Needles: US7s

What I changed? I didn't trust the pattern's sizing, so I used the pattern's stitch counts with a larger-gauge yarn. The result was a wider and slightly longer sweater than would have resulted if I had achieved the correct gauge.

Will it fit? That remains to be seen.


You know I love me some Georgie! It looks great! Love the buttons.

Nice buttons, nice George...Buttons on George...hmm.

Great sweater. I love the buttons.

George came out great!!! I hope it's treasured for a long time.

So cute! I love the buttons that I see people get a windsor button...wish there was a store like that here.

I see you are a total Encore-for-Babies convert after the baby blanket. Me too!


those stars are just perfect

Ever so cute! The star buttons are a pefect topper. Encore is great for babies. I love to use it.

cute buttons! great contrast for such a cute sweater.

Perfect and just SO cute!!

Great color sense. And darling buttons!

Just lovely!

Aunt Subway, it's perfect! Super cute. The buttons are fun but not tooo goofy, just right. :)

gorgeous! the buttons are the perfect touch!

Awwww, so cute! I love it!

I thought of you when I was visiting my family in Boston last week. I packed my knitting and squeezed in a little knitting on the Red and Green lines! :-)

The buttons take George from cute to stellar! (Heh, sorry, couldn't resist...)

awesome! i love it!

Freaking adorable! I love, love the star buttons for this project. I think you're going to like the 1824 cotton, too - it makes comfy, lived-in-feeling garments. It should be great for baby stuff.


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