Dear Sockpal II:

You are the most patient person in world. I've been lurking on your blog, reading your posts. Not a one has been bemoaning the fact that your socks were taking forever to land in your mailbox. Okay, there was one mentioning that the socks would be late, but seriously, you're holding it together really, really well.

That's one way that we're opposites. Me? I clearly am the world's least patient person, in ever way. Waiting drives me crazy! Sure, sure I've heard the patience-is-a-virtue line, and all sorts of crap like that. Patience may, indeed, be a virtue--one which I do not posess.

If I were you, by now I would have a web cam mounted to my mailbox with a live feed going directly to every computer montitor I use, plus my cellphone. I would check it more often than I check my email. And, you know, that's saying a lot. Now? How about now? Are my socks here yet? Do I hear the mailman? What about now? They-are-never-going-to-come-my-Sockpal-hates-me-I-knew-that-this-stupid-swap-would-never-work, now?

Yeah, the waiting would take years off of my life. But you? Not a chance! By outward appearances you seem very, very calm.

Here's another way that we're opposites: let's just say that we aren't exactly neighbors. That's all that I'm going to write, because I don't want to give it away. We could live on either sides of a big continent or a big ocean. We could live on either sides of the world, for that matter. One thing is for sure: when it comes to mailing addresses, we are like night and day (whoops!).


If you've been following the socks' progress you will know that I'm in love with the yarn and the pattern. I hope that you enjoy wearing your socks just as much as I have enjoyed knitting them.

Just in case you don't, I'm hopeful that I little chocolate will cheer you. A little birdie told me that you like it dark.

Well, Sockpal, it's been fun. There's not much longer for you to wait. Keep it up! You've been doing great.


Subway Knitter


wow! what a nice little parcel.. and those socks, a labour of love.

Great package! You have a very lucky sockpal.

I recognize that yarn--in fact, it's quite possible that I dyed it before I moved to VA. Lovely socks and lovely, lovely package.

At first, I was very afraid for your sock pal. Then I realized you would do well receiving from me- I was born early and do everything early. (Yes, I'm one of those people believing that on time is late!)
Nice goody package.

mmmm, looks like a super yummy package there!

You have a luck sock-pal, she's getting 2 of my favorite chocolate bars. One bite of that dark stuff will last a chocoholic all day!

What a great care package--you do have a very lucky (and patient) sockpal!

Lucky sock pal - it sure looks worth the wait. :)

Congrats on finishing these up! I'm sure your pal will love the package. Who wouldn't love handknit socks and chocolate?

ok, i need to get you as my swap pal next time! you put together quite a nice little package there. i'm hunting around to see what people send for swaps because i'm getting ready to send my dye-o-rama swap out and need ideas as to what else i can send. this gives me many ideas.......

Oh gosh. I've been patiently waiting for socks & I love dark chocolate!! Is the package for me? Only time will tell, if not, I'll continue to be patient :-(
Beautiful socks, you have a lucky pal...wherever she is.


And chocolate always makes things better.


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