Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week

Wow! It's clear to me that there are two camps in the sock knitting world: those who flap and those who don't flap. So, are you a flapper? [If I were really clever with Photoshop, and had loads of time I would spend some of it on flickr and make myself a button for that.]

Many thanks for your comments these past few days. I enjoyed the observations, opinions, and encouragement as I knit my first heel flap. I usually respond to my comments sooner than I have this week. I'm sorry, but life these days just won't let me spend much time with my email.

Let's turn our yarny attentions away from my socks for a moment and focus on someone else's. And that someone else is a fellow subway knitter!


Yay! There she was, three seats away, a fellow knitter working on socks, magic-loop method.


i'm a flapper but that's just because it's the only technique i've had time to learn.

Do people look at you funny when you take photos of people knitting on the subway? Just curious.

I've been thinking about the flap/ short row a lot this week.

in fact, the "short rows, kitchernering, how much fun" thread on your blog a while back has inspired me to design an oddly constructed sock, especially for the process sock-knitter

should be in Magknits in July...

i am a flapper, i know no other way, but i am interested in learning other ways.

Who is this mystery knitter? Will we ever know?

After following your journey for the last few days I woke up thinking about short row heels. I've been a flapper from the beginning, but I'm moving on!

I am the sort that has to try everything before I make up my mind. So far I've always done heel flaps but I've just caston and started some toe up socks that will have a short row. Jury is still out :)

I'm a flapper ....a five dp flapper at that.

I just don't get the 2 circs thing....maybe I need to sit down WITH the two circs and the instructions and just go step by step. Just reading the instructions without actually doing it is VERY confusing! And just fuggedabout the magic loop thing.....I think I'm too old to learn THAT trick.

I'm working on a pair of toe up socks with a short row heel. I have decided that I really don't like short rowing....either that or I don't really know how to pick up the wraps.

Can I use a heel flap on a toe up sock? (I hate the way the heel looks enough to want to rip it back and start over with a flap.)

some guy friend of a friend saw me knitting two socks on two circs and asked me if i was "expecting". huh? grey socks means i'm expecting? or was it just that i was knitting? i have no idea.

i'm liking the short-row heel now. i may be a convert!

I am a wrapper. Love me some short rows!

I wonder, too, about you taking photos on the subway - what do people think?

I love heel flaps. I've made two pairs of socks with short rows, and one and a half (the last half is in progress) with heel flaps, and the short row heels always come out wonky for me. I'm planning on giving them another try, though.

So when is Official Knit on the Subway day? It's been ages since I've seen a fellow subway knitter.

It doesn't matter HOW you knit socks....only that you DO knit socks;-)

I'm a flappr! Mostly because the Short row heel I tried was very uncomfortable to make, and then didn't fit. I think flaps are easier to adjust to my huge feeties.

I wasn't even awere that it was possible to make socks without flaps untill resently, so I'm just making socks and all about trying new things (the pair I'm doing now is my first with self striping yarn, toe up AND short row heel)

Another knitter? You ladies should get together one day. The subway knitters group. How interesting....

I do whichever floats my boat at the time. I try to not get in one camp or the other on issues like this.

Kinda like when people ask which is better, knitting or crochet. I answer, "yes."

Flapper over here.

Did you say hello? Or wave your knitting at her?

You subway knitters need hand signals or something


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