Mystery Subway Crocheter of the Week

It's not all about the knitting here at Subway Knitter. Sometimes we crochet.


Actually sometimes someone else crochets, we see her on the subway, and we take her picture.

It looked to me as if she was crocheting a scarf in a springy colorway of green, lilac purple, and, creamy white. [Hey, New England, remember spring? It's that season smack in the middle of "cold" and "wicked hot" now known as "rain".] I was tempted to ask her what yarn she was using, but just then the train got crowed. I guess that we'll never know.


yay! crocheters!

The things you see on the subway . . .

BTW, are you going to be at Knitsmiths today? I'm bringing a knitting friend of mine who is moving to Boston to do her residency at MGH/the Brigham and she wants to meet people. She's cool.

yeah, don't you hate it when nature completely skips over an entire season? especially YOUR favorite season? rude, i tell ya.

I think we skipped spring in Pittsburgh this year too.

Cool--I thought of you on Friday--I was on the DC Metro--and I felt like I had entered the twilight zone--I was the fourth knitter to get on that particular car late at night... it was like our own little mobile stitch n bitch! Too bad I had no camera.


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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

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