My Own Personal Yarn Store?

or, why I love my cellphone.


Whenever my cellphone rings at work, I'm always caught off guard. I don't use the cellphone for work, and few people have the number. If I'm not expecting a call when it rings I usually assume that it's a wrong number.

That was the case last week. I answered and was pleasantly surprised:

Subway Knitter: Hello?
Windsor Button: Hi, is Colleen there?
SK: (knowing then that it wasn't a wrong number, but still wondering just who the heck this was): This is Colleen.
WB: Hi! This is so-and-so (sorry I can't remember your name) from Windsor Button returning your call about some Malabrigo Laceweight.

Now, what you all don't know is that months and months ago (so, like, a million years ago in retail terms) I had asked the fine people at Windsor Button about Malabrigo Laceweight. None was in stock, but the manager said that she would add it to her "possibilities" list. She took my (cell)phone number and said that she would call if she had an update. I promptly forgot about the interaction until last week.

SK: Wha...Oh yes!
WB: Well, what I found out at a show last week is that the Malabrigo people are no longer producing their laceweight. Maybe in a few years, they said, but not now. So, sorry, but we can't stock it.
SK: Oh, well, that's too bad...but thanks for calling with the update.
WB: No problem. Have a great day!
SK: Thanks, you too.
WB: Bye!
SK: Bye!

Am I the only one to be blown away by this? I inquired about that yarn maybe six to seven months ago--late last summer or early last fall. I continue to be impressed with Windsor Button's level of customer service. Some of you might remember my last Windsor Button experience.

What does this mean? Well, these two interactions mean little for WB's short-term bottom line. But, they mean everything for its long-term success. Why? First, I'm going to go and buy some yarn there for the next baby-knitting project. Second, I'm going to tell all of you to go there. Go, go, go! You'll be glad that you did.


but of course - they loved you, remembered you, read your blog and couldn't forget you. Like the rest of us....

I love it there too. Fabulous!

We JUST got an LYS right here in Sudbury (2 weeks ago today!)and the people there are SO nice! I'm thinking up projects just to do some more shopping there and am trying to guide my husband into getting me a gift certificate for Mother's Day!
It's amazing how much brighter the days seem when you have a great yarn store right down the street!
(well, and it's spring, that helps too!)

Point taken. I'll be visiting Windsor Button sometime soon. Great customer service -- thanks for sharing.

I worked across the Common one summer as an intern and browsed and bought a lot at Windsor Button. Very welcoming, different experience from Woolcott at the time, which didn't take kindly to grad students going straight and only to the sale bin. I bought a lot more Woolease than I otherwise would have, thanks to WB. You brought back nice memories, thanks!

I was so impressed, that even though I live in NYC, I immediately marked them as a "favorite". Thanks, Jen

Seems like all the yarn shops are ramping up their customer service - first Woolcott now WB! (WB was never bad per se, but they had a few less-than-charming salespeople.)

I've had a similar great experience with WB where they followed up on some buttons I was interested in. Sadly, the buttons are still sold out "indefinitely", so I had to buy them elsewhere.

They are a bit of a trek for me from North Cambridge, but always worth the T ride.

More and more retail is becoming aware that service is the only way to keep up with the big box stores and while the management sets the tone it can be hard to get employees of the same caliber. Sounds like Winsor Buttons has managed it.

omg...... malabrigo made laceweight at one time? good lord... i need to get on ebay or something to get a hold of some of that!

Hooray! I love Windsor Button, too, it's really my favorite store, and being right on the red line, so accessible!

ahh if only so many yarn shops knew of the power of the internet..

wow, that IS customer service! i'm so glad to see that retail stores are really beginning to understand that we'll shop with them if we can get the high-level kind of service that we desire.

That's good to know.

That's fantastic customer service! I've always enjoyed Windsor Button so I'm glad they came through for you, at least with a follow up, even if they couldn't get the yarn.

I think the owner is Susan and her husband Al, they are nice folks, very down to earth. They've done wonders with turning around the store in the last few years, realizing that knitters are a powerful and loyal group. She was very helpful to me in my youger knitting days.

I miss being right around the corner from there. It was always a surprise to see what new yarns they'd gotten in to expand the department.

Windsor button really is amazing, they're one of the few yarn stores around that I actually feel comfortable asking questions :)

Oh, we love those people.

I must say, that the next time I come to Boston, a trip to Windsor Button is going to be one of the first things I do! (and I'll be bringing an empty suitcase and starve for a few months beforehand just to have loads of dosh ready to spend!)

I love love love love LOVE Winsor Button! I was in there Monday, just to fondle yarn, but I probably spend a quarter of my salary in there. . .


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