Mass Gathering

I'm off to the Massachusetts Sheep & Wool Festival. It's a knitting roadtrip, whoo!

I enjoyed myself quite a bit at last year's festival, and I'm looking forward to returning. The festival has enough of everything to keep one interested, but it's small enough so as not to feel overwhelmed There's time to do and see it all, and still feel as if you can drop down into Northampton for a late lunch or early dinner. The atmosphere is low-key, and I gather that the organizers have worked hard to keep it that way. While there is the blogger brownie thingie, I don't get the sense that Mass. Sheep & Wool has the see-and-be-seen angle of the bigger events. People, this is my kind of festival!

My plans? Well, I would love to snag a new case for my DPNs. I have been saying for at least a year that it would be so easy to make myself one. Guess who hasn't had a DPN case for over a year....

Maybe I can pick up a fabulous shawl kit from Green Mountain Spinnery. Dorchester Farms will be there, too. Maybe there'll be some more sock yarn in the stash. [Can you believe that I just wrote that?]

So, if you see me, say hi! Amber and I have this running joke that I walked right by her last year and didn't even notice (I did! What can I say? I'm a moron.)


Have fun! Buy lots of stuff!

I never saw you yesterday! Sorry about that!

You have such a great day for it! Have a great time!

Have a wonderful time! The vendors are great, the weather is perfect, and yes, it is low key and mellow.

Have a lovely time, and score that shawl, or something to make you at least as happy.

Hope you had a great day!

So, how was it? Did you score a lot of great fibers? Did you get that DPN case? I had a great time up in NH, and was sorry not to get out there yesterday.


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