Make Up

I patched up things with George very quickly.


One sleeve done! Some of you are probably wondering why I don't knit two sleeves on one needle. It's a good question. For subway knitting knitting two sleeves on one needle is actually less efficient. It takes me a long time to untangle everything, find my place, adjust the needles, etc., and I lose valuable knitting time during my ride. Plus, it's much more convenient to carry around one tiny sleeve than two sleeves with two balls of yarn.

If you know the pattern (George from Jaeger JB29) you might also be wondering why there are cables on the sleeve. Well, if you know me and my knitting you know that I can't leave well enough alone. The sleeves seemed too plain, and I wanted to make things a little more interesting by incorporating the button band from the cable into the middle of the sleeve. It's a little bit like a racing stripe. Too bad that it didn't make this sleeve race along....


Looking good! I like the cable you added. It does look like a racing stripe!

that's a great modification to a cute pattern! and i too prefer to do sleeves, socks, etc., one at a time... too much untangling involved!

I like the cable. A lot. And I hate knitting two sleeves at a time. Probably some big character flaw I don't want to analyze too much. ;)

I think baby sleeves are too small for SSS* anyway.
(*Second Sleeve Syndrome)

I did my very first cable a week ago I want to add cables onto the rest of the project everywhere! It was soo fun to do!


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