Home Stretch

Will it ever end?

The rain, I mean, not the knitting. I need to get going on these socks. It was fine to knit leisurely on my first Sockapaloooza pair because I planned for it. But now I have a Pal who is patiently waiting to get these socks. It isn't fair to ask my Pal to keep waiting forever.

Therefore, I set some daily goals for these past few days of knitting knitting. Pomatomus's cuff consists of three chart repeats. Therefore, the first goal was one cuff repeat a day.

Of course it isn't very difficult when I'm working with such wonderful yarn. I have been very fortunate with yarn selections for this swap. Just a reminder: I'm using Lucy's hand-dyed sock yarn from Mind's Eye Yarns in Cambridge. Do I need to remind you that she has an Etsy shop?

Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3:


Okay, so I didn't exactly make repeat three on day three. Will a half repeat suffice? It'll have to. Somewhere along the way I made a mistake on one row and it threw everything off. I had an extra stitch in one group. Despite frogging and close examination I could not identify the spot where things went wrong. Eventually I decided that a well placed K3Tog, TBL would fix things and it did.

It's frustrating when I can't find my mistakes, but that probably means my Sockpal won't be able to spot it either.


What gorgeous sock yarn!!! I need to stop by that store more often...

Good luck finishing these up! I'm sure your sockpal will never notice the mistake.

i really, really love that yarn. even with my aversion to pinks/purples. may have to get me some.

oh, hey, dont' forget to send me that iNG info!

great colours! u know... i am wishing that there was a way to knit this pattern so that the colours would pool on the scales and not like they do. maybe there's a way using a modified entrelac method.....

It's lovely! Great colorway.

It IS so frustrating when you can't find your mistake. But you're right - no one will notice except for you! they look beautiful!

Thanks for the link to Lucy's Etsy shop. Circles should be carrying it soon too. I bought a skein there as a patience gift for my sock pal. It's gorgeous yarn, I need some for myself.

You're primed for a very productive Day 4! The sock is turning our beautifully -- no one will ever notice the subtle k3tog.

Beautiful! I gave up on this sock pattern...maybe another day.

Is there going to be another Sockapaloooza? I just missed out on this one, darn it. Where do I get more info on it? (I looked at Alison's Blue Blog and asked there too.) I'm trying to get a good start on finding out about the next one so I don't miss out on it too.

I visited the etsy store ,and got two skeins! So lovely :)

Your knitting is just beautiful! All my yarn should be so lucky!
Now that it finally stopped raining, I was able to take some pictures and list some more yarn.


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