Further on Fir Cone

Well, thanks to my Barbara Walker stitch-pattern treasury and an email exchange with Carolyn, the Shetland Stole is back on track. This weekend saw much progress with the Fir Cone pattern:


Compare that with last week's version:


Last week's version was interesting, no doubt about it. If it weren't for the fact that I have a clear mental image of how I want the stole to look I might have continued to knit.

As it is, I'm glad that I began again. Have I told you about the clever way the stiches move to form the wavy lines? The second half of the 16-row repeat shifts by one stitch every other row. Yet, as if by magic, vertical lines of decreases remain. I'm not going to bore you with how that happens (basically the decreases are spaced so that they always align) just enjoy the effect.


I LOVE how magical lace is that way! And I'm curious as to how the variegation will appear in that pattern. Looks great so far!

That already looks gorgeous. Especially in that yarn... and the variegation is soft enough that it doesn't take away from the lace. Yay! :)

i know what you mean.. i've seen the shetland triangle in person and it's just lovely how all those lines appear out of nowhere :)

wow, the difference is amazing! how neat!

If you *really* want a vertical line to stand out, work a centered decrease: sl 2 as if to k2tog, k1, p2sso.

It reminds me of the kiri shawl, just a little bit different.

I hope for your sanitys sake that it's less boring (so that you, unlike me, won't be tempted to set your knitting on fire out of boredom)

New version looks great in that yarn!

I like the "real" version a lot better! Gotta wonder if the previous version would've skewed or biased - was it balanced?

Ahhh much better! You're brilliant!


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