At last, it's time to go to the post office:


Whoo! I'm a bit tired from all this sock knitting, and if I want to get these things boxed and ready to go, I can't write much. I think I extolled the virtues of this yarn yesterday. Will there be more socks from Mind's Eye Hand-Dye? You bet!!

Let me say a little bit about this pattern. It looks slightly, how shall we say, intimidating. At least it did to Subway Knitter. Definitely not the pattern for knitting on the go. Or so I thought! It's deceptively simple. The pattern is essentially little more than K1, P1 ribbing with a K2Tog TBL and a YO now and again. Frequent stitch counts and stitch markers are essential to making this a pick-up-and-go kind of project.

Okay, now where's my packing tape....


yay you! Good to hear it's not so hard, I love the look of it. Might become a scarf chez moi...

They look great! Congratulations!

They look fantastic! Amazing sock angel :-)

Lovely socks!

It must feel very good!!!

Colleen, they look terrific! And when you break it down to its components, it doesn't seem so complex to a newbie socker like me.

So pretty! Your 2nd sock pal will be so thrilled to have your Poma-whatevers!

awesome! congrats on getting them done. your sock pal hardly had to wait at all.

They're great! I really like the pomatomus pattern for the same reasons you mentioned. Your sock pal will be happy that you became a sock savior.

Wow! I am so jealous! What lovely socks!

They look fabulous!

Yummy. Thanks for sharing all the steps you went through for these potomatomus (why can I never say it right?) berry socks! I adore the colors you chose, so if your pal isn't 100% satisfied, tell her to send them my way. :)

the socks look great - your second pal is a very lucky person! Lucy's yarn is on my list to try - I'm glad she went ahead with an Esty shop. (my credit cards do not thank you for the link.)


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